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Mario Piranha Plant [Does This Jubilant Villain Plant Exist in Real?]

The Piranha plant, the enemy of our beloved Mario, has been creating obstacles for us since 1985. They suddenly pop out from pipes or other plant-like structures and bite Mario.

But have you ever wondered if they exist in real life? Perhaps a thought that Piranha would bite you on the hiking trail? Well, you are not alone, my dear gamer friend.

What Is Mario Piranha Plant?

The Piranha plant is an enemy and evil nemesis of Mario in the popular Super Mario video games. They are based on the real-life Venus Fly Trap plant.

So, they are carnivorous plants that eat everything that comes in front of them.

Also known as the Pakkun flower in Japan, the Mario Piranha plant is entirely an art of fiction that appears in Nintendo’s Mario franchise media.

They have a potted body with a large mouth filled with sharp teeth. So, if you are an avid Mario fan, you would know one should proceed with caution to avoid those teeth.

Further, the Piranha plant comes in a wide range of colors. For instance, they are mostly red or green but can also be yellow, blue, or purple.

mario piranha plant
Beware of the Piranha plant! They can even bite Mario and Luigi.

Interestingly Hydnora Africana is a strange plant that looks like the evil Piranha flower in Mario. So, Mario fans often consider them real-life Piranha plants.

Now, you might wanna grow them as an avid Mario fan in your backyard. But they are very difficult to grow. Also, they smell like poop, so you know!

Fortunately, you can buy Piranha plant slippers or action figures on Amazon to show your love for Mario.

That said, you can also play as the evil Mario Piranha flower in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Piranha Plants’ Smash was released on January 29th, 2019, to those who registered and bought the game before the end of that month. Since then, Piranha has been a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

As of 2023, you can play Piranha Plant Smash Fighter by buying them from eShop for $5.

Editor’s Note

Hydnora Africana Is The Real Life Mario Piranha Plants!

Native to South African forests, Hydnora is also called the Piranha plant in the Mario gamer community.

With white teeth-like hairs on the opening, Hydnora looks like a Piranha with an open mouth.

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