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Malus Evereste Bonsai [Buy, Grow & Care]

If you are a bonsai enthusiast, Malus Evereste can be a perfect addition. Throughout the year, you can enjoy captivating visuals of flowers, fruits, fall foliage, and attractive bark.

Generally, Malus Evereste is one of the popular cultivars from the Malus genus, popular for pink and white blossoms, orange fruits, and red or orange leaves during fall. You can find this Bonsai in local nurseries and commercial online stores like eBay, All Shapes Bonsai, Ornamental Trees, etc.

Malus Evereste is the miniature form of Snowdrift Crabapple, which comes under the Malus floribunda cultivar.

Go through this full article to learn more about the beautiful Malus Everest Bonsai to buy the plant and care for it properly inside your living space.

What Does Malus Evereste Bonsai Look Like?

Malus Everest is one of the popular cultivars from the Malus genus. The bonsai form looks even more attractive due to the artistic look.

During the spring, the tree bears clusters of delicate blossoms that look just like the snowdrifts. The flowers are white or pink in color.

After the flowers fade, the tree bears tiny orange apples. You can enjoy the ripe apples during the winter.

Malus Evereste Bonsai with white blossoms
Miniature Malus Evereste can make your indoor space lively during the growing season.

Even if the tree is not flowering or fruiting, the lush green, glossy foliage looks very attractive. This gives the tree a heavy look.

After the flowers fade, the fall foliage turns red or orange. This makes the tree look even more attractive. The dark brown and rough bark adds more charm to the bonsai.

Additionally, you can style your Malus Evereste Bonsai in different forms, including informal, upright, slanting, cascade, etc.

Malus Evereste Bonsai For Sale

You can find Malus Evereste Bonsai in local nurseries and commercial online stores. Make sure to buy a healthy tree free from pests and pathogens.

Remember you are paying for the plant. So, never hesitate to ask the owner about the tree’s size, health, and age before spending money.

Place To Buy Shipping Time
All Shapes Bonsai1-7 business days
Ornamental TreesWithin 3 weeks
Ebay1-30 business days

Malus Evereste Bonsai Care

Like other bonsai trees, Malus Evereste also needs proper care to thrive in the miniature form. However, this plant is tolerant of beginner mistakes.

If you are trying to grow bonsai from seedlings, make sure you transplant it in a terracotta pot with enough drainage holes.

  • Always keep the soil moist but not waterlogged to prevent root rot.
  • Place your Malus Evereste on the location receiving 6 hours of sunlight daily.
  • Use frost blankets or place your bonsai inside during the harsh winters.
  • Prune the bonsai regularly to get the desired size and shape.
  • Feed your bonsai only during the growing season.
  • Use pesticides, fungicides, and neem oil if you notice any signs of pests and diseases.
  • Moreover, Repot the bonsai every 2-3 years only in one size bigger bonsai pot.

Malus Evereste Bonsai can thrive for many years if you care for it properly. You can also enjoy sweet mini fruits seasonally upon maturity.

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Additional Tips!

If your Bonsai is not mature, deadheading the flower and fruiting buds can help the plant thrive. It’s because flowering and fruiting can stress the plant and it cannot focus on further growth.

If you are a beginner, always consult the local nursery owners, bonsai experts, or professionals if you face any problems while growing a Bonsai tree.