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How To Plant Shrubs In Front of House [Gardening Guide]

The idea to plant shrubs in front of your house not only gives curb appeal to your front yard but also plays a vital role in creating a peaceful and natural outdoor space.

Generally, you can plant all the plants that need full sun, partial shade, and full shade. All you need to do is plant the bushes only after knowing their requirements and providing the proper aftercare.

Go through this full article to know the perfect way to plant shrubs in front of your house and know about the perfect plants that fit your outdoor space.

What Bushes Are Best In Front Of The House?

Choosing the best shrubs or bushes to plant in front of your home entirely depends upon the climatic conditions of your location. 

A house and garden with shrubs in front of it
Choose the shrubs that fit properly in the environment you live.

Moreover, the landscape conditions, soil quality, and sun availabilities also play a vital role. So, here is the list, including plants for every type of front yard.

Full SunlightPartial ShadeFull shade
SpireaAzaleaJapanese Maple
Butterfly bush RhododendronSkip Laurel
WeigelaDeutziaInkberry Holly
Crape MyrtleArrowwood ViburnumHosta
BoxwoodPieris JaponicaFerns
Rhododendron HeucheraAstilbe
Dwarf LilacEvergreen ClematisHeuchera
JuniperAmerican HollyYew

How To Plant Shrubs In Front Of The House?

Choosing the right shrubs is better compared to planting the bushes randomly. It is because you can maintain every need and look of your front yard.

Moreover, you can give a naturally stunning structure to your front garden and can also enjoy your privacy behind the plants.

  • Draw a rough sketch of your front yard design considering the mature size and spacing.
  • Mark the planting holes and dig the holes 2-3 times bigger than the rootball of your plant.
  • Make sure to loosen the soil and keep the soil moist to prevent root rot.
  • Moreover, plant the flowering plants in the areas receiving full sunlight.  Some flowering shrubs like rhododendron, hydrangea, etc can thrive well in a place with full shade.
  • Know the requirements of all the shrubs and take care of them accordingly.

Care Your Newly Planted Shrubs 

You need to provide extra care to the newly planted shrubs as they are sensitive. A harsh environment can easily kill them.

If you want to decorate your front yard with potted plants, always use a terracotta container with enough drainage holes for proper air circulation.

  • In the first year of the plantation, you need to provide deep watering to keep the soil moist for proper growth. Reduce the watering as the plant matures.
  • To minimize the evaporation, water the plants in the morning and evening.
  • Mulching around the base of the plants helps to retain moisture during the hot days and keeps plants warm during the winter.
  • You need not fertilize the shrubs during the first year as the roots are still in the establishment stage. 
  • Avoid the heavy pruning during the first year. Pruning can add extra stress to the plant.
  • Chemical insecticides and pesticides can harm the newly planted shrubs. So use neem oil if you notice any signs of pests and pathogens.

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Additional Tips!

Provide support to the newly planted tall shrubs to protect them from external damage and winds. You can use stakes or cages until the plant gets established.

Combine the deciduous and evergreen shrubs for a stunning look all year long. Flowers with different growing seasons can also give an attractive look to your front garden.