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Maha Molu Tree: Real or Hoax? Everything You Need To Know

In recent days, a viral clip about the Maha Molu tree has captured everyone’s attention. However, you can’t find a single person who can claim that this mythical tree really exists.

Generally, the Maha Molu tree is not a real tree but an imaginary interpretation from ancient stories. This mystical tree is popular for its golden or white pagoda flowers that bloom one over another.

In those stories, this rare tree grants your wish if you go near it. Also, the person is the luckiest if he or she sees the flower blooming.

So, Go through this article to learn about the Maha Molu in detail and clear your doubts and misunderstandings.

What Does Maha Molu Tree Look Like?

Maha Molu tree is a giant tree with a very tall trunk. This slender tree is one of the tallest trees in the world.

This gigantic tree is native to the Tibetian Himalayas and bears beautiful, large, white, or golden flowers in clusters.

Maha Molu on the left and Foxtail Lilies on the right
Maha Molu is perhaps the inspiration from Foxtail Lilies.

The arrangement of clustered flowers in the Maha Molu is also popular as pagoda flowers. It’s because the flowers bloom on top of each other in a pagoda style.

Moreover, the Maha Molu pagoda flower is so heavy that it has the ability to bend the whole branch after flowering. When the flowers bloom, they cover the tree from top to bottom.

This tree grows at the high altitude of the Himalayas and bears flowers once in 400 years.

Is Maha Molu Tree Real?

The Maha Molu tree is not a real tree but an imaginary interpretation from different folklore and stories, just like the Vivisteria Flower.

In many ancient stories, several mystical trees grow in areas with high altitudes like the Himalayas.

Even if Maha Molu tree can live longer, it’s unbelievable for a tree to live more than 400 years. Obviously, it’s unusual for the tree to bear flowers once in such a long duration.

Moreover, there is no scientific evidence that can prove Maha Molu’s existence.

The image viral on social media is probably fake as science hasn’t proved the fact yet.

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Maha Molu Look-alikes!

Although there is no evidence of the Maha Molu, you can find the real plant, the Foxtail Lily, in many parts of the world.

Foxtail Lily is a unique plant native to Asia and contains golden and white flowers in clusters. These flowers do not bloom in pagoda style, but the clumps can confuse you with Maha Molu pagoda flowers.