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Is Limelight Hydrangea Deer Resistant? Best Ways to Deter!

Although deer are not fond of panicle Hydrangeas, the deer resistant capabilities of Limelight Hydrangea is still a hot topic many gardeners argue on.

Similar to other Hydrangeas, Limelight Hydrangea is also not entirely deer resistant and is often munched on by deer. However, the likelihood of deer eating Limelight Hydrangea is greatly influenced by factors like deer population and food availability.

So, read on to learn the tips and tricks to keep your Limelight Hydrangea all time safe regardless of its deer resistant nature.

Do Deer Eat Limelight Hydrangea?

The voracious eater, deer, will eat almost anything in their path when hungry.

And, it would not be wrong to say every plant fears deer, and almost none are deer resistant.

So, all Hydrangea plants, including Limelight, are not deer resistant; instead, they are the second favorite plant of deer after Hostas.

Deer love to munch on the younger leaves and flower buds of Limelight Hydrangea.

The cone-shaped Limelight Hydrangea is a panicle Hydrangea which is relatively more resistant than most Hydrangea.

Nonetheless, many gardeners complained of deer wreaking havoc on their Limelight Hydrangea garden.

limelight hydrangea flowers
Limelight Hydrangea produces cone-shaped, large, compact flowers that gradually change color over time.

Meanwhile, some Limelight Hydrangea gardens remained safe throughout the season without any deer invasion.

So, we can say Limelight Hydrangea is not entirely deer resistant, and at times, they require deer deterrent options.

Remember, Hydrangea dormancy extends if deer eats away all juvenile plant buds and can cause no flowering.

How To Keep Deer Away From Limelight Hydrangea?

In spite of constant dilemmas, deer-proofing the garden is the best option to keep your Limelight Hydrangea safe.

Here I have enlisted some of the effective ways to deter deer from eating Limelight Hydrangea.

1. Grow Deer Resistant Alternatives Around Hydrangea

Like Humans, Deer also have food preferences, meaning they have plants they love and hate the most.

Due to their heightened sense of smell, they despise plants with an intense smell.

Therefore, growing deer resistant annuals like Wax Begonia, Dahlia, Basil, etc., and perennials like Mint, Sage, Lavender, etc., keeps Limelight Hydrangea safe.

Other aesthetic alternative deer resistant plants that will guard your Hydrangeas are Marigolds, Daffodils, and Boxwoods.

2. Applying Deer Repellent Sprays

Besides growing plants with intense smell, you can also sprinkle deer repellent sprays around the garden.

You can prepare homemade DIY sprays by blending garlic, eggs, or predator urine with water.

Otherwise, buy commercial deer deterrent sprays like Nature’s MACE, Liquid Fence, and Bonide Repel.

However, always read the product label carefully while incorporating such sprays.

3. Fencing the Garden

Though an adult deer can easily jump over seven feet, adding tall fences around the garden can discourage them.

And if you put up tall fences of around 8-12 feet, you can ensure the complete safety of your Limelight Hydrangeas.

Similarly, you can also put up a darker color mesh net or a legit sturdy cross-chained fence.

Electric fences are also an excellent way to keep deer far away, but they are relatively expensive and unsafe around kids and pets.

4. Investing in Sound & Motion Deterrent

Alongside a better sense of smell, deer can easily distinguish sounds, and any unfamiliar noise can easily startle them.

Thus, place devices like motion-activated sprinklers, speakers, and ultrasonic repellers around the garden.

You can also leave the radio hanging in the garden and blast it all night to keep deer away. But remember, your neighbor might not enjoy that.

Editor’s Note

Shooting or Hunting Down Deer Is Illegal!

Although hunting the deer that wreaked your delicate Limelight Hydrangea might be tempting, do not do it as it is illegal.

In most states, capturing, relocating, and hunting down deer without the concerned authorities’ permits is a crime.

So, opt for growing feasible, cost-effective deer resistant plants to protect Limelight Hydrangea.

All The Best!