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Kadupul Flower Seeds [Myth Or Reality]

If you ever come across a packet of Kadupul flower seeds in your local nursery, you might have to rethink before getting one, as it could be a scam.

Well, that is because Kadupul flowers and seeds are among the rarest, given their unusual blooming pattern. 

Generally, the Kadupul blooms only once a year at night, which is super rare to witness. The irony is that the bloom only lasts for a few hours and fades even before you think of getting them out of the plant and harvesting the seed. 

So, follow along to get exclusive information about the super quirky and interesting Kadupul flower and its seeds.

What Do Kadupul Flower Seeds Look Like?

Kadupul (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) is one of the most unique Cactus varieties, known for its rare bloom. And interestingly, the internet has little to no information about their seeds as well. 

Most of it has to do with the unusual blooming pattern of the Kadupul, unlike most houseplants like Begonia, Peace Lily, and Geranium.

These Kadupul flower blooms at night once every year in the late springs and summer months. So, the name Queen of the Night. The flowers look immensely beautiful, flaunting their white shade with elongated petals, giving them a star-like appearance

As the plant only flowers at night, locating their blooms in the wild is next to impossible. 

A portrait of two Kadupul flowers blooming.
Kadapul blooms can deceive you for the Dragon fruit blooms.

Surprisingly, the blooms only last a few hours, and the time from petal unfurling to closing is short. Since the pollination window is very little before the bloom fades away, seed formation is equally rare. 

And, if you are thinking about picking the blooms and saving them for a few days, lets me burst your bubbles. Kadupul flowers immediately wither upon removal from the plant. 

Nevertheless, for now, all we can do is assume the seeds of the Kadapul flower resemble the ones found in the Cactus family. 

As per the gardens who got to witness the seed, the Kadupul flower seeds are dark-colored, small round, and flattened. The seeds are shiny and enclosed within the fruits. 

Can You Harvest Kadupul Flower Seed?

Given the occasional blooming, where pollination is infrequent, getting Kaupul flower seeds at home is almost surreal. And thus, all this hassle makes the Kadupul flower seeds the most expensive.

Also, propagation of these plants is via stems, so harvesting the seeds is not the top priority. 

Even in the high-tech nursery and online store, you’ll not have an easy time finding Kadupul seeds. Trust me when I say this, but Kadupul seeds are few and far between.

If you find one, lucky for you! But I am afraid it would be heavy on your pocket. 

But you can get Kadapul cuttings and live plants instead.

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Know the Myths!

As per the Srilankan folklore, Kadapul blooms are sacred and mystical, belonging to the god of creation, ‘Bramha.’

Moreover, they are often regarded as the ‘flower of heaven’ owing to their ethereal beauty and believed to symbolize purity and the fleeting nature of life.

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