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Is The Black Diamond Apple Real Or Only Myth?

Apples are classic fruits that are produced all over the world and have a high market demand.
Interestingly, there is a unique Apple cultivar, recognized as Black Diamond, that is high in nutritional value.
Generally, Black Diamond is a real cultivar of Apple, which is Purple-black in color with a sweet and crispy taste. You can find it in the US from online retailers and food stores. However, it differs from Common Apples in taste, color, and availability.
Read the complete article to know more about the Black Diamond Apples and their rarity.

Is Black Diamond A Rare Apple?

The Black Diamond Apple (Mallus domestica) is a rare Apple cultivar that is native to China in high-altitude areas. i.e., around 3500 meters.

The reason behind its purplish-black color is the fluctuation of temperature in the growing area.

Black Diamond Apples
Black Diamond Apples are so rare that people gift them by wrapping.

Moreover, Black Diamond is trendy for its sweet taste and crispy texture.

Black Diamond Apples are rich in Vitamins A and C and contain minerals including Sodium, Calcium, and Iron.

These Apple cultivars are rare and expensive because they have their own favorable environmental conditions, which are difficult to maintain.

Black Diamond Apples thrive best in sunny places with well-drained soil and temperatures ranging from 55°F to 65°F.

Additionally, you cannot store Black Diamond Apples for a long time, and they are harvested in the Fall season.

Can You Get A Black Diamond Apple In The US?

Yes, you can get a Diamond Apple in the US, but it is not commonly available everywhere. 

Similarly, its price can range from $7 to $20.

This Apple cultivar is non-native to the US and is brought there from Tibetian regions.

This might be due to the reason that these apples are not commonly available in the US.

Here is a list of the places from which you can buy your favorite Black Diamond Apples.

  • You can get Black Diamond Apples from some online stores, including Amazon and Aradbranding.
  • Similarly, check the grocery shops near you, but do not forget that this Apple may be in low quantity.
  • You can move to its native range and buy this Apple cultivar from there.

Black Diamond Apple Vs Common Apple

Black Diamond is a special cultivar of the Common Apple (Malus spp.) and provides a unique taste and more nutritional benefits.

Here is a table representing the differences between the Black Diamond Apples and the Common Apples.

FeaturesBlack Diamond AppleCommon Apple
OriginChinaAll over the world
ColorPurplish blackRed, green, and yellow
TasteSweet & crispySweet, tart or mixture of both
Harvesting seasonFallDepends on the cultivar
AvailabilityRareWidely available

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Black Diamond Apples are susceptible to pests, including Fruit flies, Mealybugs, Scale insects, and Mites.

You can apply Neem or Cinnamon oil to prevent the apple fruits after harvest and to increase their shelf-life.

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