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Is Comino The Same As Cumin? [Ground Comino Vs Cumin]

Although Comino sounds the same as Cumin, they have slightly different meanings depending on the part of the world that you live in.

Generally, Cumin and Comino are the same spice that is popular in almost all parts of the world to enhance the flavor of the dishes. Cumin is the English name, whereas Comino is the Spanish translation of Cumin.

Moreover, Spanish people mostly use the word Comino for the term “grounded Cumin seeds.”

So, read this entire article to know whether Cumin and Comino are the same and the names of Cumin worldwide.

Is Comino The Same As Cumin?

Ground Comino and Cumin both are from the Parsley family and are popular spices from the plant Cuminum cyminum.

Cumin seed and grounded Comino in a bowl
Spanish people refer to Comino as the grounded Cumins.

In fact, both are the same spices. The only difference between them is the name they bear.

Basically, Cumin is a popular spice that is used all over the world in many cuisines. Cumin is an English word, and people call it Comino in Spain.

However, you can find similar seeds called Caraway seeds that look exactly the same as cumin seeds. But the taste of Caraway is slightly sweeter than Cumin seeds.

Thus, Cumin and Comino are similar ingredients with two names separated by the regional language.

What are Comino Seeds Used For?

Cumins or ground Comino seeds are the heroes of most cuisines in the world, like Mexico, North America, North Africa, India, etc.

In fact, famous dishes like tacos, salsas, curry, hummus, and many more are incomplete without Cumin.

Moreover, you can grind the Cumin to make curry powder and other vegetable seasoning mixes.

Furthermore, these incredible seeds are taste enhancers in dishes like soups, stews, meats, and rice.

Besides this, this versatile seed contains potential health benefits like antioxidant and digestive activities.

Consuming this beneficial seed may promote gut health and reduce blood sugar, inflammation, and body fats.

Moreover, applying 2-3 drops of Black Cumin seed oil will help prevent and cure sun tan and sunburn.

What Are The Other Words That Represent Cumin?

As we discussed earlier, Cumin is also called Comino in Spanish. However, there are other names for cumin based on different regions.

The scientific name of Cumin is Cuminum cyminum, and the spice’s older name in English was Cummin.

Moreover, the region that uses Cumin the most is India, and people call it by the name Zeera it Jeera in Hindi.

Furthermore, Turkish people call this spice by different names like Kamun, Kimyon, etc., and in Arab, it is called Ziran.

Thus, Cumin bears separate names in different regions of the world and has versatile functions and benefits depending on how you use it.

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Comino Has A Different Meaning In Mexico!

Although Cumins and Comino are the same, Comino refers to different spices in Mexico as Mexican Oregano.

You can use Mexican Oregano in most Mexican dishes like Tacos, Mexican Pizza, salsa, soups, etc., to enhance the flavor.