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10 Best Orchid Plant Stands [Indoor & Outdoor]

Do you ever scroll down the online portal and get flabbergasted by the options available for the best Orchid plant stand?

Factors like the width of the stand and the pot size, whether watering the plant will damage the stand, temperature conditions, sturdiness, etc.

Some of the best stands suitable for Orchids are bench stands, racks, and wall stands. Stands made of weather-resistant metal are the best choice for Outdoor Stands.

Here are a few ideas on cute stands for your leafy friends. You should stick around because we will talk about buy-ins and DIYs here!

So, let’s begin today’s internet capsule with indoor Orchid plant stands, shall we?

5 Indoor Orchid Plant Stands

Remember when you first planted an Orchid in a tray or a can? When interest starts growing, the number of Orchids also grows.

So, when you don’t plan the space for these indoor plants, you might end up making the place look more messed up.

Depending upon the space you have allocated for your Orchid, you might need different stands.

Type of StandMade ofIdeal forLink to Buy
Flowerpot StandWood, MetalLiving Rooms, Patio, Garden, or BalconyAmazon
Pedestal StandWood, Terracotta, Marble, and Graphite stones.Patio, Garden, Balcony etcBuy here on Amazon
Wall StandWood, Iron, PlasticLiving Room, Balcony etc (Indoor and Outdoor)Buy here on Amazon
Vase Stand With ColumnsWood, MetalAnywhere inside the house.Buy here on Amazon
Bench Flower RackMetal Grills, WoodStairs, Below the Window, Balcony, Patio, Attic (Indoor and Outdoor)Buy here on Amazon

1. Flowerpot Stands for Living Rooms, Patio, Garden, or Balcony

If you are a fan of minimalistic design, you should get a small pot stand with one or two columns for your living room patio, garden, or balcony.

These small stool-like structures come in wooden and metallic forms and don’t occupy more than a couple of inches of space.
Indoor Orchid stand
Indoor Orchid Stand Amazon

Further, they are either rectangular or round and serve the purpose of holding your flowering plant perfectly.

These pot stands come in various shapes and sizes, holding the vase between the square of the ring.

2. Pedestals Orchid Stand for Corners

These old-fashioned flower vase stands are made of Wood, Terracotta, Marble, and Graphite stones.

Roman Style Column Pedestal Orchid Stand
Roman Style Column Pedestal Orchid Stand

They have the shape of pedestals with a medieval design to add retro vibes to your rooms.

Furthermore, these stands are a little more expensive than other regular flower stands due to their vintage look.

3. Wall Stand

Usually, these wall stands make a perfect place in the living room.

They are generally long wooden or iron plates on the wall and come in various shapes.

Furthermore, these stands have stable flower vase holders on them.

Indoor Wall Stand for Orchid Plant
Indoor Wall Stand for Orchid Plant

These wall stands are mobile. So, If you want to change their location, you can easily attach or detach it and shift the whole setting.

Moreover, these wall stands are usually made of wooden frames bolted with knots and screws.

Also, the installation process is easy as the booklets with the product are easy to understand.

4. Vase Stand With Columns

The vase stands with columns are another good Orchid plant stand that can increase the beauty of your home.

These stands don’t occupy much space and can fit in the joining corners of your house.

Column Orchid Stand
Column Orchid Stand

These stands are cubical in shape with multiple columns in an “L” shape structure to fit both sides of your wall’s corners.

Made from Wood or Metal, these vase stands are usually very durable and stable.

5. Bench Flower Rack

The structure of these Racks is just like that of a bench and is usually made out of metal grills or wood.

These racks make a perfect Orchid plant vase holder and are usually located on your stairs, below the windows, and on the balcony or attic.

steel flower stand anticorrosion wooden multilayer flower
Wooden Flower Stand

Despite being spacious, these Bench Flower Racks don’t occupy your actual usable space.

They also keep the air in the room fresh as they are usually in an airy zone.

Outdoor Orchid Plant Stands

Orchid plants aren’t only meant for indoor decorations.

These beautiful Orchids can shine on the garden and exteriors of your house too.

So, if you want to manage your outdoor Orchid plant, then here is a few elegant flower vase stands suitable for the outdoor vase; take a look:

Type of StandMade of Ideal for Link to Buy
Orchid RackHeavy MetalThe side of the walls, corridor, and beside the entrance gateBuy here
Orchid BenchMetal (Tubular Steel)Patio, PorchBuy here
Plant Holders With ShelvesMetalBalcony, PorchBuy here
Orchid TablesMetalPorch, GardenBuy here
Multi-layered Metal Ring HoldersMetalGarden, Railings, Walls etcBuy here

1. Orchid Racks

Though the name might sound fairly similar to flower pot stands kept in your living rooms, these are different based on the material used.

As an outdoor stand has to withstand weather conditions like rain and hailstorms, these Orchid racks are usually made of heavy metal and are galvanized inside.

These racks are neither lightweight nor easy to move from one place to another.

Orchid bench racks with stands
Orchid Outdoor Orchid Racks

They do come with rollers which make them somewhat push-and-pull friendly.

These racks are best for the side of your walls, your corridor, and beside your entrance gate.

2. Orchid Bench

Metal Orchid benches are designed beautifully to make your Orchid flower look more adorable.

They are divided into several rows and columns, and every column is spacious enough not to disturb the flower’s growth.

They are usually placed on bigger walls and can hold multiple vases at once.

These benches are also made out of metal and are usually immobile in nature.

Outdoor Orchid Plant Benches
Outdoor Orchid Plant Benches

3. Plant Holders With Shelves

Again, these are another strong outdoor Orchid plant stand option, strong enough to hold multiple plants on their layered shelves.

Likewise, these metallic plant holders are fixed and can’t be moved easily from the ground.

A Outdoor Plant Holder With Shelves
Outdoor Plant Holder With Shelves

They usually come in either white or black color coating and are weather resistant.

4. Orchid Flower Tables

As the name suggests, these are merely flower tables that come in various sizes.

Unlike indoor tables, these are heavy-duty metallic grill tables that can hold the weight of the plant.

These tables are excellent decor elements for your garden to give you a joyful vibe.

So, when you are strolling in your garden, and you come across the table, you are sure to catch a good vibe.

Round Flower Display Stand
Round Flower Display Stand

5. Multi-layered Metal Ring Holders

If you have ever had the ring on a flower vase installed in the garden of a fellow flower lover?

Well, I am sure you have walked past it while you are walking past a flower shop, right?

These rings are a handy way to hang your Orchid flower vase.

Likewise, you can fix these stands on the railings, windows, and anything firm.

Metal Flower Pot Ring Holder (Source: Amazon)

These layered rings serve as beautiful holders for Orchids at the entrance of your house outside the gates, on the walls, and along the fences.

Lightweight Orchid Plant Stand

Usually, the stands are made out of lightweight materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and plastics, making them easier to re-decor than other heavier outdoor Orchid stands.

They are easily available, so you can find them at Walmart, eBay, or Amazon under the home decor section.

Also, you can use them indoors or outdoors.

Though they are not as durable as other big heavy-duty garden Orchid stands, these stands provide complete value for your money.

1. Geometric Flower Vase Stands

This aluminum flower vase stands also works as a good Orchid flower vase stand.

These stands come in various geometric shapes and are very elegant.

Likewise, these stands are also very durable because they are made of metal and have a high-quality color coating.

Aluminum Geometric Flower Vase Stand
Aluminum Geometric Flower Vase Stand (Source: Amazon)

Though these geometric stands are more common for indoor decors, you can also keep them outdoors.

2. Bamboo Stands

A Bamboo stand also gives your indoor Orchid flower a beautiful and ecstatic feel.

It also gives a very eastern feel to it as the Bamboo style originates from the Asian continent.

Likewise, you can also easily move it from one place to another.

It is also eco-friendly and easy to assemble.

Bamboo Stand
Bamboo Stand (Source: Amazon)

These Bamboo Stands also take up much less space and stand independently on the corner of your house, complimenting the interior.

Did you know there are several health benefits of Orchids, which are greatly used to prepare various medicines?

DIY Orchid Plant Stands

I personally love the ideas that I often find online on Pinterest and other stock photo sites, as small efforts give a good spin to your home.

DIY stands also give a twitch to unused shelves, cloth hangers, used grills, broken frying pans, shoe racks, and other items.

With these small DIY projects, you can be eco-friendly and a flower lover at the same time.

Moreover, buying a new one doesn’t come easily in your pocket.

Here are a few DIY Orchid plant holder ideas for making vase stands on their own.

1. DIY Orchid Holder With Stools or Seating Chairs

We all have Footstools, Barstools, and seating chairs that have sustained years of wear and tear, right?

So, these old chairs are too old for endowment, and we feel almost sorry to throw them away.

So in this condition, we can use these Footstools, Barstools, and seating chairs as Orchid plant stand holders.

These used benches, chairs, footstools, and bar stools can still be helpful.

DIY Orchid holder with footstool, old bar stool, or seating chairs
DIY Orchid Holder With Stools

2. Orchid Vase Holder Using Shoe Rack, & Coat Rack

Shoe racks and coat rack stands are handy even after they seem entirely used up.

Be it a homemade shoe rack or a well-used old metal shoe rack. It makes a suitable Orchid vase holder.

It is firm, and even the wooden ones weather out very slowly.

So, rather than disposing of your old shoe rack, I suggest using it as a flower vase holder.

Shoe Rack, & Coat Rack
DIY Orchid Stand Using Shoe Rack

3. Orchid Vase Holder Using Old Used Fire Grills

We all have old fire grills, which many people tend to discard them away, right?

But, rather than throwing these grills away, you can use them as vase holders.

Just a fun fact, you can also grow some more Orchids in its central coal holder.

From Editorial Team

I hope this article gave you a perspective on Orchid vase holders, their necessities, and their usability.

I compiled these few tricks based on my experience and shared them with like-minded Orchid lovers to help them with their homes and gardening.

With time, we will have more adorable articles about our colorful garden friends so you can keep us on your bookmarks.

So, until our next read, keep up with our blogs.

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