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A Complete Guide to Hoya Propagation

The Hoya plant is one of the most popular indoor plants that are pretty extravagant, making you want to go through its propagation.

There are four ways to propagate a Hoya plant, but stem cutting is the most commonly used one. To propagate Hoya, cut the plant’s stem with a sharp knife and place it in water or soil, and after a while, it starts forming its own roots.

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We will discuss various ways to propagate a Hoya plant in this article. But, if you want to learn more about it, stick with us.

Hoya Propagation

The best time for you to propagate your Hoya plant is during the Summer or Spring season because, during this period, they are actively growing.

Propagating your Hoya plant during this time is best as it will grow its root quickly despite being newly propagated.

Hoya Propagation
Hoya can be easily propagated using one of the four mentioned methods.

Because this plant is dormant and primarily hibernates throughout the winter, it may die before it can grow roots if you try to propagate it then.

Methods to Propagate Hoya

There are multiple ways you can choose to propagate your Hoya plant.

However, I suggest you go for the stem-cutting method as it is very time efficient and easy to do.

First and foremost, you will need to gather these materials to Propagate your Hoya plant.

Materials Required

Continue reading the article below to briefly explain each method of propagating Alocasia, with its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Propagate Hoya by Seeds

Starting Hoyas from seed is the simplest, but also the most time-consuming, way of propagation.

Hoya Seeds
Hoya seeds are enclosed in pods that may take months to open.

You can consider saving your own Hoya seeds, or you can even buy them.

While growing Hoya from its seeds, you must take care of it most of the time and keep the soil moist to grow its roots properly.

The problem with propagating Hoya from seeds is finding other seed sources (more Hoyas) to gather sufficient seeds.

  • Make sure to choose ripened seeds or freshly harvested ones, as they can germinate faster and grow quicker than others.
  • To germinate the seeds, prepare the potting mix with Perlite, orchid bark, and horticultural charcoal that drains well.
  • Place your Hoya seed in the soil. Add a thin layer of potting mix to cover the seeds.
  • Properly water it and keep the soil moist, as it helps form roots.

It takes about 4-5 weeks for the Hoya seed to start growing roots.

You might need to wait a long time as they take around 3-4 years to show their first bloom.

  • It is easy to grow from this method.
  • Hoya seeds are common to find, so it is one of the most accessible methods.
  • Growing Hoya from seeds is a time-consuming method.
  • You need to take care of it for 4-5 weeks with proper and constant watering.

2. Propagate Hoya by Stem Cutting

Propagating Hoya from stem cutting is one of the easiest methods with a very high success rate.

Here are the steps to grow your Hoya from stem cutting.

  1. Select the stem wisely and ensure it is 4-5 inches long. Cut them close to the mother plant.
  2. Remove the leaves at the bottom of the stem.
  3. Dip stem cutting in rooting hormone. However, this step is optional.
  4. Place the stem in rich soil with rich nutrients; ensure it is moist before planting it. Or, you can place the stem in a glass half-filled with water.
  5. In the damp soil you prepared, plant your Hoya, and bury the stem from the bottom.
  6. In the case of water, change the water in the glass every 2-3 days to avoid rotting the stem.
  7. After the roots start forming, move them into a pot of soil.
  8. Place the pot with the stem in indirect light. Ensure it doesn’t receive direct sunlight, as it would leave it dry and dead in a few days.
  • Water-based propagation decreases the possibility of watering issues, fungal infection, and humidity.
  • Even a little stem can sprout a new plant.
  • Some of the cuttings may not be able to develop roots.
  • Lack of genetic diversity.

3. Propagate Hoya by Leaf Cuttings

This method is not commonly used as it does not have much success rate and only works on a few species of the Hoya plant.

It takes about 6-7 weeks for the leaves to form roots in the soil.

Here are the steps to propagate your Hoya from leaves.

  1. Cut the Leaf from the bottom of the stem. Just make sure that the petiole has to be attached. The leaves root several times slower without petioles.
  2. Dip the cutting into rooting hormone (This is not a mandatory step, but it helps to increase the chances of survival of the Hoya).
  3. Place the Leaves in the soil with the cut part facing down.
  4. Place five to six leaves in the soil, slightly covering the tips to allow roots to grow.
  5. Allow enough space between the leaves in the container for the roots to spread out as they occur.
Note: The leaf-cutting should submerge in loose soil at a 45-degree angle.

You must wait at least five weeks for a root to form from the leaves in the soil.

  • You can do it easily if you have a Hoya plant at home.
  • It takes less caring and attention.
  • Takes an absurdly long amount of time.
  • There is a meager success rate of growing Hoya from a single leaf.

4. Propagating Hoya by Layering

The layering method is one of the easiest and fastest methods to propagate your plant, so many plant enthusiasts widely use it to multiply their plants’ numbers.

Air layering in plants
Some plants like Hoya can be easily propagated using the air layering method.

Here is the step-by-step guide to propagating Hoya by layering.

  1. Get a well-draining pot.
  2. Then, you need to prepare potting soil that is rich in nutrients. You also need to keep the soil moist to make the propagation successful.
  3. Find the perfect stem attached to the mother plant.
  4. Using floral pins, secure the stem from the mother plant to the soil in the new container.
  5. Keep anchoring the stem towards the soil and keep the soil moist for the first phase of the propagation.
  6. Make sure you do not break or detach the stem from the mother plant as you bend it.
  7. After some time, roots will start growing in the new pot, and at this point, you can cut the stem from the mother plant as it grows individually.
  • Layering improves rooting success by incorporating clones that do not root easily.
  • It takes a lot of care and effort to propagate by Air layering.
  • Compared to plants with seed-propagated cultivars, air layers have a shorter lifespan.

Best Medium to Propagate Hoya

As you know the various mediums to propagate Hoya, the next step is choosing where you wish to propagate your hoya plant.

You can either propagate it on soil or in water. Both ways are fine, and it depends on your choice.

1. Propagating in Soil Medium

  • It is an easier and more suitable way of growing a Hoya plant.
  • Takes less attention compared to a water medium.
  • It is just the initial effort, and you don’t need to worry about moving your plant once it starts growing roots.
  • You need to make sure to find the best kind of soil for Hoya.
  • Keeping the soil moist most of the time, in the beginning, can be problematic if you do not have much time.
  • Soil should be rich in nutrients, and you need to maintain that by providing it with fertilizers.
  • High chance of root rot due to the tendency of waterlogging. Alongside, the soil makes the gas movement and oxygen flow less.

2. Propagation in Water Medium

  • High movement of gas and natural oxygen present in water. The oxygen circulation helps the roots of Hoya to proliferate.
  • While propagating in water, the root hairs are thin, fragile, and small but more in number or strands.
  • Less chance of root rot if placed in tap water as they contain fewer bacteria.
  • In this method, you don’t need to worry about soil and fertilizers.
  • Only stem cutting can be propagated by this method.
  • Requires a lot of attention as you must keep changing the water every few days.
  • You will eventually need to move the Hoya plant into the soil after growing roots.
  • It takes longer to grow its roots compared to the soil medium.

How Long Before I Can Pot My New Cutting?

The Hoya plant will sprout roots in around 4-5 weeks after you cut the stem, which you will need to transfer into the pot.

Hoya plants usually take longer to form roots with the easiest methods.

It also depends on where the plant is placed and how you water the cut stem. Potting your new cutting properly will take about 4-5 weeks.

Tips to Take Care of Newly Potted Hoya

Here are a few tips for you to follow to keep your Hoya pups healthy.

  • Keep the Hoya pups in indirect bright light. The east-facing window could be an ideal location.
  • Keep the air humidity around 40-50%. This is average room air humidity, so you don’t need to maintain it constantly.
  • Make sure the soil is damp most of the time.
Healthy hoya
If you provide your Hoya with all the proper care requirements, your plant will come out healthier than you expected.
  • Grow the pup in a well-draining mixture and pot.
  • Use rooting hormones to increase the chances of propagation.
  • Hoyas thrive in temperatures between 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Use a balanced fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen.
  • If you are growing your Hoya in water, change the water every few days.

Wrapping Up…

Hoyas are one of the most beautiful indoor plants you can add to your collection.

However, with all those propagation methods, it is tempting to try them yourself.

Despite being called indestructible home plants, they need you to give them any attention you can during their growing period.

Good luck!

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