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How to Propagate Snake Plant in Water? [Say ‘Yes’ to Leaves & ‘No’ to Seeds!]

After watching the long leaves with strange patterns, did you ever want to propagate the Snake Plant in water?

To propagate Snake Plant in water, use sterilized pruners to slice healthy leaves with clean cuts and allow the leaves to scab for 2-5 days. Then, plunge the cuttings in distillate hormonal water, situate them in a location with 6-8 hours of indirect sunlight, and wait 4-16 weeks for the roots to grow.

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Here on, the following article shares DIY methods to propagate Snake Plants in water. Let’s get right into it!

Why Propagate Snake Plants In Water?

Water propagation discards all the messy requirements of soil propagation. Additionally, roots grow more quickly in water than in the potting mix.

Moreover, you can rapidly produce mature plants vegetatively, considering the low germination rate of seeds.  

Considering this, you may also need to propagate Snake Plants in water for the following reasons.

  • To rescue a diseased, severely pest-infested, or dying mother plant
  • For saving sunburnt, impaired, or blemished mother plants to grow healthy plantlets
  • To cut back and economize healthy cuttings from mature and leafy plants
  • For gaining brisk root growth for successful transplant in the soil 
Image illustrates damaged leaves of Snake Plant
You can save a perishing mother Snake Plant by borrowing and propagating healthy leaves in water.

Despite the benefits, there are also some drawbacks to the process of water propagation.

  • The cuttings may rot easily if not properly calloused or scabbed before propagating in water.
  • Although the process is quick, it rarely ensures the growth of sturdier roots.
  • You must change the water every other day to avoid the chances of root decay. 

How To Propagate Snake Plant In Water?

An additional benefit of water propagation is that you can monitor root growth for possible infection.

But you should take the stem cuttings in spring and summer for more lucrative results.

However, it may take about 4-16 weeks for Snake Plants to propagate in water and develop sturdy roots. 

Hence, following these bonafide steps to successfully root and propagate Snake Plants in water.

1. Procuring healthy leaf cuttings

  • Inspect for a healthy leaf and cut it at the base, close to the soil as possible, using sterilized pruners.
  • If the leaf is damaged or for propagating multiple cuttings, section the leaves into about 4-5 inches long pieces.
  • You can also slice the cutting in a ‘V’ shape to maximize the surface area for root development.
  • Then, let the cuttings scab for 2-5 days by wrapping them in dry paper towels before placing them in water.

2. Placing the cuttings in water

  • Douse only the exposed part of the leaf cuttings in a jar full of distillate room temperature water.
  • You can also add rooting hormone to the water to encourage rapid root growth as instructed per pack.
Image illustrates rooted leaf and leaf sections of Snake Plants
Leaves of Snake Plants can propagate quickly in water and develop healthy roots within a few weeks.

3. Suitable location for cuttings & care

  • Situate the set up in an area that receives 6-8 hours of bright indirect light.
  • Consider changing the water with a fresh hormonal solution every 2-3 days.
  • Cover the cuttings with a zip-lock bag with 1-2 holes to secure moisture, humidity, and aeration.
  • Remove the bags after the roots attain 2-3 inches in length and prepare for a soil transplant.
  • Ensure to use a separate jar for all the cutting to avoid compaction and growth competition.

4. Propagating Snake Plant in soil & care

  • Employ a 6-inch terracotta planter with basal drainage holes and add a layer of pebbles at the bottom.
  • Pack the planters loosely with Snake Plant-based potting mix. Also, admix the potting soil with organic perlite to make it fluffy.
  • After, plant the cuttings about 1-3 inches deep in the potting mix. This avoids root rot and premature death of the cuttings.
  • Then, water the soil and cover the cuttings with a perforated plastic bag. Locate them in shallow light (bright indirect) for 6-8 hours daily.
  • After the cuttings take up healthy shoots and roots, pick up their care by following all the crucial requirements to speed up their growth. 

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You may propagate Snake Plant using seeds, but it may take a long time, and they may not stay true to the mother plant.

Although water propagation is easy, don’t hesitate to take healthy cuttings, change the water to prevent infection, and consider strict transplant time for fruitful propagation.

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