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How Tall Do Roma Tomato Plants Grow? [Plant Size Guide]

Roma Tomato is often canned and sauced as the plants produce tons of fruits all at once after they grow all tall and mature.

Generally, Roma Tomato Plant gets almost 1.5 to 4 feet tall and almost 1.5 feet wide based on the variety. The tallest Roma Tomato variety is Standard Red Roma Tomato reaching about 4 feet, and the smallest is Dwarf Roma which grows about 1.5 feet tall.

They are the fast-growing Tomato varieties resistant to common diseases like fusarium, wilt, and many more.

So, go through this entire article to learn more about different Roma Tomato varieties and their height to plant them based on the growing space.

All About Roma Tomato Plant

Roma Tomatoes are bushy, determinant Tomato varieties providing a high yield of almost 30 Tomatoes per plant after maturity.

As Roma Tomatoes need a trellis, caging, and support, spacing 1.5-2 feet between each seedling and 2-3 feet between each row will make you easy.

Roma Tomato Plant with lots of fruits
Cage and stake your Roma Tomatoes to support them when they get tall and produce many fruits.

These Tomatoes let you harvest the fruits only once during summer in about 75-80 days of planting.

How Tall Do Roma Tomato Plants, Grow?

The Roma Tomato plant gets almost 3 feet tall and spreads about 1.5 feet wide.

This versatile variety is space friendly and does very well in containers due to its small size and spread.

Remember to choose the right-sized containers about 18-20 inches wide; the yield depends on the pot size.

The plants are frost sensitive, so it’s best to plant them outdoors after the last frost. You can start the seeds indoors and use frost blankets to protect them.

You can get some space ideas to grow based on these Roma varieties.

  1. Standard Red Roma: Standard Red Roma Tomatoes grow about 4 feet tall, but some varieties, like San Marzano, may reach about 5.3 feet.
  2. Baby Roma: Best for salads and sauce, along with Bell Pepper, Baby Roma Tomatoes with little fruits grow about 3 feet tall in the vines. Mainly, this variety is cultivated for commercial production. 
  3. Golden Roma: Having small yellow and golden fruits and light flavor, Golden Roma Tomatoes reach about 1.2-2 feet high, bearing elongated fruits.
  4. Dwarf Roma: As per its name, the space-friendly Dwarf Roma Tomatoes reach about 1.5 feet tall when they mature.

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Extra Tips!

Roma Tomatoes offers various fruit sizes ranging from 1 to 6 inches. These varieties are slightly larger than Cherry Tomatoes.

Supersauce is the variety producing one of the bigger Roma Tomatoes with almost 6 inches long fruit, whereas Baby Roma produces 1-inch-long grape-sized fruit.

Remember that small Tomatoes produce a higher yield compared to larger Tomato varieties.

Moreover, Beans are good Nitrogen fixers that can be the best companion for heavy feeders like Tomatoes and Cucumber.