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How Big Do Bonsai Trees Grow? [Plant Size Guide]

Do you know Bonsai Trees will retain their normal size and grow bigger if you plant them back outdoors?

Generally, Average Bonsai Trees can get a size ranging from 1-60 inches depending on the type: miniature, medium, and large. However, they may also reach up to 16 feet, and the growth depends upon their container size.

Bonsai are not naturally dwarf but are trained to be smaller by deducting the roots and limiting their growing space.

So, if you want to add a Bonsai into your living space, you need to know how big they can grow and how to manage their growth too.

How Fast Does a Bonsai Tree Grow?

Starting your Bonsai Trees from seeds takes about 10-15 years to mature fully. Some slow-growers can also take 30 years.

No matter where you live, with proper care, Bonsai Trees will grow anywhere from 1-6 inches per year in the right-sized container.

Although the growing time may seem long, most Bonsai Trees will live for hundreds of years, with some living up to thousand years too.

Big Bonsai Trees in a pot
Select a fast-growing species including Chinese junipers, Japanese black if you want your Bonsai to grow in a short time.

The widely famous oldest Bonsai Tree, Ficus Retusa Linn, is over 1000 years old and placed in Crespi Bonsai Museum, Italy.

Most Bonsai Trees love humidity except some like Ficus, and they grow best in place with good moisture, like in a conservatory room, bathroom, or on the pebble tray.

However, you can also find them growing outdoors as wild with beautiful curves from birds, animals, and weather. 

How Big Do Bonsai Trees Grow?

You can grow Bonsai Trees in different sizes, from 1-3 inches small to 6 feet large. The size of your Bonsai Tree is based on the size of the pot it’s growing.

Based on the size, Bonsai are of 3 types: Miniature with a size of 1-8 inches, Medium with a size of 10-36 inches, and Large with a size of 60-80 inches. 

Although they are meant to be dwarfs, Bonsai Trees can also be bigger than 10 feet. The world’s giant Red Pine Bonsai is over 16 feet tall and placed in Rose Garden, Japan.

ClassificationSize in inches
Imperial 60-80 inches
Hachi-uye 40-60 inches
Dai or Omono 30-48 inches
Chiu or Chumono 16-36 inches
Katade-mochi 10-18 inches
Kumono 6-10 inches
Chohin 5-8 inches
Mame 2-6 inches
Shito 2-4 inches
Keshitsubo 1-3 inches

How to Make a Bonsai Tree Grow Bigger?

You can make your Bonsai Tree bigger by providing enough space and nutrients for its root to grow.

If you plant it in a tiny container and leave it with minimal care, your Bonsai may face stunted growth, nutrition deficiency and several diseases.  

  • Prune the larger roots during late fall or early spring with a sterilized pruner.
  • Repot the Bonsai Tree in a bigger and broader container after filling it with light, well-draining Bonsai potting soil.
  • Fertilize the plants weekly from spring to summer using 0-10-10 or nitrogen-free formulations with bonsai practitioners
  • Regularly inspect the pest and pathogens and use pesticides, fungicides, or neem oil if they attack your Bonsai Tree.
  • You can also split the Bonsai trunk or merge it with other saplings to speed up the growing process.

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Find Out the Age of Your Bonsai Tree!

Mostly, the tree trunk is cut into half as the growth rings determine the tree’s age. However, you may not dare it just to know how old your Bonsai is.

To find the age of your Bonsai, multiply its trunk diameter by its growth rate per year. Your Bonsai will be more valuable as they grow older.