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Habanero Vs Pepper X [Know Similarities And Differences]

When you have Habanero and Pepper X on the same plate, it’s important to know one vs another, as Pepper X is 26 times hotter than Habanero pepper.

Generally, Habanero and Pepper X share common similarities like flavor, shape, growing condition, culinary uses, etc. However, both are different in appearance, flavor, popularity, breed, and many more.

Habanero pepper is native to Peninsula Mexico, whereas Pepper X belongs to Fort Mill, South Carolina.

So, go through this article to know the potential differences and similarities between Habanero and Pepper X.

Habanero Vs Pepper X [Similarities]

Both Habanero and Pepper X are extremely hot chilly pepper varieties with high Scoville Heat Ratings.

Moreover, both peppers are from the Capsicum genus and contain high capsaicin content, which gives your tongue a spicy sensation. 

Habanero on the left Vs Pepper X on the right
Upon Maturity, Pepper X bears a different color than Habanero pepper.

Besides these, both peppers have other characteristics that make them similar.

  • Both peppers have a fruity flavor, releasing intense heat after consumption.
  • The shape of both peppers is like a lantern.
  • The growing condition of both chilies is similar as both require warm and humid conditions to thrive.
  • Both peppers turn red upon fruit maturity.
  • You can use both chilies in sauces, chutneys, marinades, etc, to enhance the taste.
  • Moreover, both peppers are hybrids from hot and chilly varieties.
  • You can use both peppers as insecticides, pesticides, and as self-defense.

Habanero Vs Pepper X [Differences]

One of the major differences between Habanero and Pepper X is the Scoville Heat Unit. On the basis of SHU, Pepper X  contains about 2,699,603 SHUs, whereas Habanero pepper has 150,000-325,000 SHUs.

Additionally, there are several other differences that make these hot pepper varieties in separate categories.

1. Appearance

Both Habanero and Pepper X are small peppers, but when you compare both, Habanero is smaller than Pepper X. The size of Habanero pepper ranges from about 1-2 inches compared to Pepper X, with a size of about 1-3 inches. 

Additionally, the color of both chilies is also different. Habanero pepper comes in red, yellow, or orange colors. Meanwhile, Pepper X bears red, purple, or black colors.

Moreover, the outer skin of the Habanero pepper is thinner and smoother, with a longer tail. In contrast, Pepper X has thicker and wrinkled skin.

2. Flavor

Habanero pepper has a fruity and citrusy taste with a hint of smoky flavor upon consumption. The heat is milder than Pepper X.

Meanwhile, Pepper X has a more complex flavor than the Habanero pepper. The fruity taste and smoky flavor are more intense in Pepper X.

3. Popularity

Focusing on popularity, Pepper X is a newer variety and less popular than the Habanero pepper. As Habanero pepper is milder, most people consume it sparingly on several dishes.

Additionally, Habanero pepper is older and, thus, recognized by most people.

On the other hand, Pepper X has won the title world’s hottest Pepper title of 2023. This chilly ranks 1st in the top 10 hottest peppers in the world.

4. Culinary Use

Due to the milder taste, you can use Habanero pepper in a variety of dishes like vegetables, pickles, soups, stews, sauces, salsas, marinades, and many more.

In contrast, Pepper X fits only in extremely hot sauces and other dishes. Mainly, people use Pepper X in spicy food competitions as it is extremely spicy.

5. Breed 

Habanero pepper is a hybrid variety of several spicy peppers such as Capsicum Chinese, Capsicum baccatum, Capsicum frutescens, etc.

Meanwhile, Pepper X is a hybrid of the hottest varieties, Ghost pepper and Habanero pepper. Thus, Pepper X also bears some characteristics of the Habanero pepper.

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Habanero Vs Pepper X: What To Choose?

Choosing between Habanero and Pepper X depends on your spice tolerance. If you want spicy hind with a fruity taste but do not prefer extreme heat in your dish, go for Habanero pepper.

Meanwhile, if you want your dish to be extremely spicy, choose Pepper X. However, Pepper X is the spiciest pepper, so use them sparingly, or you may face health problems.