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Ultimate Guide to Growing Azaleas in Florida

To grow Azaleas in Florida, plant them in a shady place, perhaps behind a pine tree, in Spring or early fall.

Azaleas grow without complications in Florida when provided with ideal care and maintenance. Similarly, transplant the potted Azaleas from November to February after pruning the roots before the transplanting process to promote compact growth of the plant.

Read on to learn which varieties and care Azalea needs with a proper transplant guide.

Does Azaleas Grow in Florida?

More than 10,000 varieties of Azalea exist in nature, giving rise to an unfathomable range of bloom colors, sizes and growing needs.

Meanwhile, remember almost all Azalea types bloom in Spring except for late-blooming varieties.

Native to Asia, Azaleas grow best in Florida under filtered sunlight with partially dense shade. These tropical plants colonize mainly in North, Central, and South Florida. 

The following varieties of Azalea can make your garden aesthetic if you live in Florida.

Azalea VarietiesKey Features
Double Pink Azalea- Fluffy double petals of blush pink
- Spicy fragrance
- Hardy even in zone 4
Encore Azalea Series- Longer bloom time
- Bright pink, salmon, white, and even red
- Hardy in zones 6 to 10
Flame Creeper- Small cherry red flowers
- Adds reddish hue in its mid-green in winter
- Hardy in zones 6 to 9.
Bollywood Azalea- Variegated silver striped in dark green leave
- Petit, watermelon pink flower
- Hardy in zones 6 to 9
Chinzan- Dwarf Azalea with salmon pink flowers
- Hardy in zones 6 to 9
Formosa- Lavender pink with subtle magenta freckles on upper petals
- Hardy in zones 8 to 9

When Should I Plant Azaleas in Florida?

The best time to plant Azalea plants is during the Spring. Planting them before summer kicks in allows Azalea to establish firm rooting.

Furthermore, planting them earlier gives them time to prepare for snow blankets brought by winter.

Moreover, you can also plant your Azaleas in the early fall so that they can focus root growth in their dormancy.

Where to Plant Azalea in Florida?

The Azalea plants are perennial flowering shrubs that won’t have a problem growing in Florida.

In general, most of the Azaleas will grow without any complaints in USDA zones ranging from 6 to 9.

Meanwhile, some varieties of Azalea plants can withstand the snowy temperatures of zone 4.

Azalea Bloom
Azalea Plant has Beautiful Blooms

In northern and central Florida, tons of Azalea cultivars have no problem growing, but very few Azaleas thrive in southern Florida.

Another pro aspect of owning Azaleas is that they own the space, whether you keep them indoors or outdoors.

Here are a few tips to place your Azaleas for optimal care and maintenance.

  • Outdoor Azaleas: Place where they receive partial to bright sunshades, perhaps in the shade of pine trees if you live in northern Florida.
  • Indoor AzaleasKepp your Azaleas in a well-ventilated, east-facing room so they can bask in the morning sun.
  • Do not place your Azaleas in a deep shade even if you are growing them in Florida, as it causes sparse blossom.
  • Regardless of where you plant them ensure prompt pruning and deadheading to extend the blossom period.

How to Plant Azalea in Florida?

You will need the following tools to plant the Azalea. 

TrowelTo dig up the soil
Miracle-Gro Azalea MixPotting mix for Azalea plants
Gardening GlovesProtective gear to prevent any skin allergies
Fertilizer Suitable fertilizer for acid loving Azalea
Gardening glassesEye protection
ContainerTo place the indoor Azalea plants

Now, let’s start growing Azaleas in Florida with proper planting steps.

  • Sterilize the container with alcohol before adding the potting mix.
  • Fill the pot with the ideal Azalea potting mix partially.
  • Remove dirt on the plant roots to avoid any potential fungal growth.
  • Moisten the roots before placing them in the pot.
  • Place your Azalea in the pot and fill the gaps with the potting mix.
  • Thoroughly water your freshly planted Azalea plant.
  • Add an inch of organic mulch away from the stem to keep the soil moist and discourage weed growth.
  • Place the pot in a brightly lit room with proper ventilation.

How to Transplant Azaleas?

If you have got Azaleas in a container provided with proper care, you can transplant them anytime you prefer.

That said, November and February are the best months for transplanting your potted Azalea.

Meanwhile, Azaleas plants are tentatively easy to transplant due to their shallow roots and easily handle stress.

azalea blossom
Give your plant a year-ahead root pruning to encourage faster healing from transplanting stress.

But a year advance root pruning before the transplanting helps the plant to boost faster recovery.

Now, wake up early and gather the necessary tools to transplant Azaleas.

  • Find a suitable place for your outdoor Azalea.
  • Dig up a large enough hole to support the plant base.
  • Add some Azalea potting mix into the hole to boost plant growth.
  • Remove Azalea from the pot and clean up the roots to avoid bacterial infections.
  • Moisten the plant’s roots and keep them in the shade.
  • Put the plant in the hole, ensuring the crown and upper portion of the roots stay over the soil.
  • Ensure to place the plants at least three to five feet apart.
  • Fill the gap with Azalea potting mix and thoroughly water the plant.

Learn why your indoor Azalea is dying and fail-proof tips to revive them to life. 

Tips to Care for Azalea in Florida

Azaleas need proper care after transplantation to tolerate stress.

Therefore, carefully follow these care tips to let them thrive after transplanting.

SunlightBright, indirect sunlight with subtle shade in the afternoon
Temperature55-60°F but can tolerate near freezing to almost 90°F
HumidityAt least 40%
WateringAt least an inch of water every five days in spring and summer.
FertilizationBalanced organic formula mixed at half strength once a month to keep the soil acidic.
PruningLight pruning just before Spring arrives to encourage compact growth.


Azaleas are one-of-a-kind plants with minimal care and low maintenance needs that thrive in almost every part of Florida.

Furthermore, the shallow roots of Azaleas allow them to be transplanted almost any time of the year.

Do you know the Azalea plant not only adds aesthetic beauty but also is one of the beneficial plants that can purify the air?

Happy Gardening!!!

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