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Golden Pothos Flower: All Queries Covered!

The Golden Pothos is a popular houseplant whose flower is not appealing to the eyes, but the foliage makes up for it.

Golden Pothos produces many stalks with cream-colored spathe and purple spadix in the wild. Golden Pothos will only flower after they complete their maturity cycle and if grown in the ground in good soil outdoors.

Look below for the complete guide on making the Golden Pothos bloom.

How Often Does the Golden Pothos Flower?

Golden Pothos is an evergreen perennial plant that does not produce flowers in colder regions, and if you keep your plant indoors.

In any other regions and locations, your plant may flower.

When the plant blooms, it does so in its active growing season, summer or spring, as it goes dormant in winter. The flower lives only for a couple of days.

To have any chance at Golden Pothos flowering, these plants must be at least 35-40 feet tall and should be planted in good ground soil.

These plants usually flower because of the activation of gibberellin, a group of plant hormones responsible for flowering.

Golden Pothos Plant
Making A Golden Pothos Flower is a hard task to accomplish.

Generally, you don’t need to look after the blooms of Golden Pothos as they are short-lived and do not require much care.

Other Pothos varieties have a greater chance of blooming than the Golden Pothos.

Golden Pothos Flower Overview

According to research conducted by NASA, Golden Pothos removes the harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and formaldehyde from the air.

Let’s look at what a Pothos flower looks like.

StructureInflorescences with a long spadix and a spathe surrounding it
SizeUp to 23 cm (~9 inches) in length
ColorCream-colored Spathe
Purple Spadix
FragranceNo specific fragrance
ToxicityToxic to pets, kids, and adults
LifespanOnly a few days
FruitsBerries are formed in the spadix that turn orange to red when ripen
Blooming SeasonSpring and summer

Did you know? The Pothos flower was first observed in 1962 in the botanical gardens of Puerto Rico and Miami.

How to Make a Golden Pothos Plant Flower?

Let us consider what you must care for to make Golden Pothos Flower.

  • If you want to make this plant flower, keep it outdoors.
  • You need to provide the plant with well-draining soil. If the soil is too compacted, the roots cannot breathe.
  • Golden Pothos needs to be at least 35 feet high to flower. Make the plant reach that height by properly taking care of it.
  • When outdoors, place the plant somewhere it gets good shade. Excessive light may damage its foliage.
  • Ensure you provide them with enough indirect light, as they need enough light to flower.
  • Keep the temperature between 70°F to 90°F to give the plant its optimum temperature.
  • You should water the plant only when the top two inches of the soil are dry. You can use your finger to do the finger-moisture test.
  • Fertilize the plant monthly during spring and summer with well-balanced houseplant fertilizer. Fertilizer rich in phosphorus helps make the plants bloom.

You may encounter specific problems in your journey to make the plant flower. Let’s have a look at one of the most common problems.

Why is Golden Pothos Flowers Wilting?

The Golden Pothos plant is a hardy plant to grow indoors. However, it can grow to its full potential if you let the plant grow outdoors.

If your Pothos is losing their composure and making the flowers wilt, you need to be stressed and look at the problem in detail.

The leading cause of this phenomenon can be the lack of water in the soil.

To avoid this, water the plant every week during its growing season, i.e., spring and summer.

What Should you do with Golden Pothos Plant Flowers?

The plant hardly flowers, so there is no question of releasing the pollens.

Also, you must have done much hard work if you made this plant flower. You wouldn’t want to see your hard work go in vain.

Golden Pothos
If you do not want your hard work to go down the drain, you would not want to cut off the flowers of the Golden Pothos plant.

But if you want a reason to cut the flowers off the plant, here are two.

  • The flowers are hideous to look at. They do not contribute to any decorations and aesthetic charms.
  • When the plant blooms, it directs its energy to the flowers. The energy distribution is then divided between the foliage and the bloom. The plant may get less energy in the process.

Whether to keep the flowers or get rid of them is your decision.

How to Cut the Golden Pothos Flower?

Follow the simple steps below to cut your flowers with precision and no complications.

  • Gear up with scissors, pruning shears and goggles, gloves, etc.
  • The best time of the day to cut the plant is early in the morning when the plant is fresh and full of moisture.
  • Hold the flower’s spathe revealing the base, and cut a few inches above the base.
  • Separating the flower from the plant using only hands is an option, but you may need to use a more significant force as the flower can be sturdy.
  • Do the above process carefully, and do not hurt the neighboring foliage.

Toxicity of Golden Pothos Flower

According to ASPCA, Golden Pothos contains insoluble calcium oxalate crystals, which makes it toxic to cats and dogs.

If your pets ever consume any part of the foliage of Golden Pothos, they will show symptoms like:

  • Vomiting
  • Hypersalivation
  • Burning of the lips, mouth, and tongue
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Oral irritation

In a list amassed by the University of California based on plants and their toxicity levels, Golden Pothos has 3,4 toxicity levels.

Toxicity Class Details
1. Major ToxicityCause serious illness or death.
2. Minor ToxicityCauses minor illness.
3. OxalatesThe sap or juices of this plant contains calcium oxalates.
4. DermatitisThe juices or saps of these plants cause skin irritation.

According to ABC’s website, all parts of the Golden Pothos are toxic, making the flowers of the Golden Pothos toxic as well.

Watch this video for greater detail,

If you or your pets ever encounter a problem caused by this plant and its flower, remember the following numbers.

Editor’s Note

Golden Pothos may be a great decoration to add to your home, but its flower is hideous.

You may still want to make the plant bloom as a challenge to yourself, and it’s wonderful if you’re going to. But you will have to go through a lot of considerations before that.

You have our back!

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