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Do Fruits From Sea Beast Exist? Answer Will Shock You!

An interesting mini-boss to spawn in Blox Fruits is the sea beast, but be mindful as it requires unique devil fruits to hunt them!

Devil fruit is the fruit from the game Sea Beast is fictional.  Hunting sea beasts in Blox Fruits requires Leopard, Magma V2, Venom, Light, Dough, Blizzard, and Buddha V2, which you can use as a standalone or combination to deal the most damage.

Remember, combining different devil fruits can deal more damage and provide special abilities.

Read on to find out the complete list of Blox fruits and whether real-life fruits inspire them.

Blox Fruits fans would know the game is inspired by the famous anime “One Piece,” where the characters often use “Devil Fruits” to overcome challenges.

Similarly, hunting down bosses and mini-bosses like Sea Beast will require obtaining and using particular devil fruits.

Hunting down sea beasts will be challenging, considering they occasionally spawn and require greater fighting strength to overcome.

devil fruits in the game
Eating specific devil fruits gives you strength and abilities to kill sea beast.

To simplify matters, here is the list of devil fruits capable of hunting down sea beasts and their tier (strength).

Devil FruitTierDamage
LeopardS (Strongest)High
MagmaA (Strong yet limited)Moderate
IceB (Good damage output)Moderate

Devil Fruits Capabilities and Damage

Let us tell you about their capabilities and how to use them with other fruits to boost their damage.

  • Leopard: Every leopard move, including the roar when transforming and the F move, will damage Sea Beasts, but it is hardest to obtain.
  • Dough and Blizzard: The S-tier fruits (along with their F moves) deal around 5,000 damage per second, and you can combine them with other fruits.
  • Venom and Magma: Venom and Magma, particularly Magma V2, damage sea beasts extremely. Moreover, Magma’s ability to walk on water will provide an extra edge.
  • Buddha: Buddha V2 significantly damages its F move and provides half immunity to water.
  • Barrier: Use Barrier Z and V to create platforms to recharge Air Jump so you can fit sea beast in the air.
  • Ice: Although a B-tier fruit, ice helps to walk on water. Use it in combination with S-tier devil fruit.
  • Light: Light’s F move helps fight the sea beast by escaping, dodging, and dealing moderate damage.

Once defeated, the sea beast will grant you with in-game currency, Beli, Fragments, and Xp, along with other items.

Are Fruits Used in Blox Fruits Real?

Although called fruits in the game, the fruits found throughout the Blox Fruits universe are unnatural.

In the anime One Piece, the devil fruits look like exotic fruits with a close resemblance to a horned melon (a type of cucumber), chayote (a type of gourd), and cherimoya (custard apple).

devil fruits
The original devil fruits from the anime “One Piece” resemble exotic fruits.

According to game makers, the devil’s fruits supposedly came from the tree of Adam and Eve, inspired by the Book of Genesis.

However, the fruits in the game Blox Fruits do not resemble any fruit-shaped object, although inspired by One Piece.

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Interestingly, devil fruits appear precisely as their name but as fruits.

For example, the Buddha fruit resembles a sitting Buddha, while the Magma fruit resembles the lava pouring out of the mountain.

Use this guide to obtain the necessary fruits before fighting with formidable enemies like the sea beasts.