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Eggs Growing on Trees [Hoax or A Vegan’s Worst Nightmare?]

Trees producing eggs can be enjoyable to listen to but hard to believe as no poultry has ever been recorded growing on trees.

Generally, eggs growing on trees does not exist and this is a rumor circulating all over the internet because of the resemblance and distortion of the truth. It started from a video with tiny eggs hanging on a plant, but later it was cleared to be fake and actually the ornamental eggplant.

Scroll down to put an end to the rumor and know the truth about the eggs-like-looking plant.

Are The Eggs Growing On Trees Real?

Believing that eggs can grow on trees would counter the biology of science and birth. And the idea of the vegan egg on a tree is even more shocking.

The ground for these baseless claims started circulating in 2021 when a video went viral on Youtube and Tiktok. It showed trees with white chicken eggs on them.

Here, many people believed it to be clickbait to increase the viewership. Meanwhile, many believed the rumor and exploded the internet with searches. 

However, scientific institutes and scientists disproved the myth and made everyone believe eggs growing on trees are not real. Instead, they are trying to create vegan eggs from lentils.
Bunch of colored eggs are hanging on trees
Eggs on trees can be a decorative idea, not a real science.

The video was just an edited clip of grafting steps to produce egg fruit which never showed the growing stages.

Also, since childhood, we have been taught that no egg can grow beside the mother’s womb. However, they may turn into embryos outside the mother’s body with warmth.

Clear The Baseless Claim About Eggs Growing On Trees

The rumors about eggs on trees circulated because of a vegetable named after the egg called ornamental eggplant, a member of the Solanaceae family.

The ornamental eggplant (Solanum ovigerum) has white fruit shaped like a hen egg which turns creamish yellow on ripening.

Because of this resemblance, people even know the ornamental eggplant as “Easter egg plants” that thrives in the USDA zone 5-12.
White eggplant growing on the plant
The eggplant flower is purple but gives a shiny white fruit that looks like an egg.

Meanwhile, only the name, size, and texture matches with eggs, not the taste. Ornamental eggplant may not taste good and does not have a yolk.

So better to use the ornamental eggplant for decorative purposes and enjoy the oval white eggs hanging on it.

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Rumor Origin Place!

The first news about the vegan egg started from a video that blamed the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, for creating the egg from moong dal and lentils.

However, the researchers were just trying to create a processed product for non-vegetarians and not an egg that grows on a tree.