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Ed Sheeran’s Garden: A Visual Symphony for the Senses

Ed Sheeran, the name enlightening millions of hearts, loves to be embraced by the comfort of his garden while stargazing in his countryside mansion.

The secret of Ed Sheeran learning astrology, alongside his love for plants unveiled to the public during the 2020 pandemic.

Rumors had that Ed Sheeran grew organic fruits and vegetables in his “Sheeranville” with his wife Cherry Seaborn and still indulges in the same during his off days.

So scroll down to get inspired by the most down-to-earth person, Ed Sheeran, and support his mission of making up for the carbon footprint left by his tour.

What Does Ed Sheeran Garden Look Like?

Let us be clear that the garden associated with Ed Sheeran is neither the Madison nor the Square. Instead, it is something as normal as the gardeners have.

The main mansion of Ed Sheeran, located in Suffolk, England, demonstrates a typical English home surrounded by shrubs and flowers.

Collection of house of Ed Sheeran in Suffolk
The Suffolk estate of Ed Sheeran costs around $7 M and is planning to expand further.

The most surreal thing in Ed Sheeran’s garden is the pond, a reservoir for birds to drink and grow surrounding crops to boost oxygen levels and increase diversity around the area.

Meanwhile, the Suffolk property has a modern detached farmhouse with a unique tree house and a space to grow organic fruits and vegetables like strawberries, lettuce, carrots and spuds.

Three England jersey is hanging by the rope.
Ed Sheeran said that tending to crops refreshes his mind from the madness of the music world. (Do look at the garden behind instead of the jersey.)

In addition to Sheeranville, Ed Sheeran also owns 27 apartments, houses, and mansions worth $78 M, each being environmentally friendly and surrounded by trees.

Houseplants That Ed Sheeran May Prefer to be Around!

Pure from the heart, the Shape of You singer never ceases to surprise the viewers with his devotional song, and thanks to that, we could catch the interiors of one of his mansions in Notting Hill.

In the music video for “All on Me,” Ed Sheeran enjoyed married life with his wife Cherry and shot the video in his house kitchen.

With that video, we could get a hold of different plant collections, including a vase with sunflower, areca palm behind the back door, and Bamboo Palm on the table.

The global pop star also plans to domesticate goats and sheep while he owns a beehive and shared a photo of a bee hovering around the lavender plant.

A bee is flying near the flowers of Lavender
Ed Sheeran has started his bee colony and is the most down-to-earth singer.

The quotation, “I’m trying to buy as much land as possible and plant as many trees as possible.” “I am trying to rewild as much of the U.K. as I can. I love my county, and I love wildlife and the environment,” also shows his devotion towards plants.

Also, the “Perfect” singer Ed Sheeran captured his two notorious pets, Calippo and Dorito, playing with lemon thyme and Common Sage in his potted garden.

A white and brown cat of Ed Sheeran are playing around the plant.
Ed named the two cats, Calippo and Dorito, after the delicacies of the U.K., meaning frozen dessert and tortilla chip brand, respectively.

Create an Ed Sheeran-Inspired Garden

Ed Sheeran has always inspired music pursuers, but garden lovers do not feel left out; you can also make the British singer your idol.

Going by the checklist, you can try adding the plants mentioned above to have similarities with Sheeran but do not jump haphazardly into the gardening pit, as that might be deadly to the green babies.

So Sheerios, look out for some of the guidelines and sort out a plan before following the star’s footprints.

  • Decide the USDA zone you are residing in and look out for the plant accordingly.
  • For the people living in Suffolk, try growing english ivy, Wax plants, Wandering Jew, Begonia, and Bamboo.
  • Keep a check on houseplants and provide the optimum light required by the plant.
  • Schedule the watering as per the plant’s nature and decrease the water quantity during winter as most plant undergoes dormancy.
  • Go for organic farming, similar to Sheeran. Use compost and bone meal for the feed and neem oil for pest control.
  • If the room’s humidity cannot fulfill the moisture need, install a humidifier or use the humidity tray to boost it.

From Editorial Team

Let the passion for gardening emerge to enjoy the time as Ed Sheeran does with his wife, Cherry, to escape the hustle and bustle of the crowds, boredom and stress.

All you need is guidance for planting which you can easily achieve from online portals or take help from some of your gardener friends.