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Does Harvesting Cinnamon Kill The Tree? [Harvest Guide]

Cinnamon plays a great role in your cuisine’s flavor enhancement, but harvesting the bark from it is challenging and can sometimes even kill the tree.

Generally, harvesting Cinnamon does not kill the tree as the tree regrows the bark within 1-2 years. However, you must harvest the mature trees and remove the bark only from the trunks. Excessive harvest from every part of a single tree can kill your Cinnamon.

Mature Cinnamon trees can reach up to 30 feet tall. Barks of this amazing tree can become a flavorful spice that enhances the taste of bakery items and several Asian cuisines.

So, go through this complete article to know the exact method of harvesting Cinnamon bark without harming the tree.

Where Do Cinnamon Trees Grow?

Cinnamon plants are tropical trees that grow best in the warm and humid locations of tropical and subtropical regions.

This sun-loving plant first came from Sri Lanka, but you can also find it in growing many Asian countries like Indonesia, India, China, etc.

Young Cinnamon plant
Cinnamon thrives best in tropical climates with humid conditions.

Moreover, Cinnamon prefers USDA zones 10-12, so if you are from Florida, Hawaii, California, Southern California, and Texas, you can add this tree to your garden.

However, ensure to grow it in a location with well-draining soil that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily.

Furthermore, make sure to grow the tree in terracotta pots and shift it during harsh conditions if you live in colder regions.

On the proper growing conditions, Cinnamon trees can grow 2-3 feet per year. However, the growth rate becomes slower upon the tree’s maturity.

Does It Kill A Tree To Harvest Cinnamon?

No, Cinnamon Harvest does not kill the tree. In fact, you can harvest Cinnamon timely without even harming the tree.

Actually, you harvest Cinnamon bark which is the dead layer that protects the tree from physical damage.

However, you must know how to remove the bark. Excessive harvesting from every part of a single tree can kill your Cinnamon.

If you harvest the barks sustainably, it can produce barks every 2 years. Thus, it’s important to provide the tree at least 2 years of gap for the perfect harvest.

Moreover, you must harvest the Cinnamon from the trunk instead of the branches as the trunk accumulates more dead cells than the branches.

Also, make sure to harvest Cinnamon barks from mature trees that have already exceeded 10 years. Removing the bark from young trees makes them susceptible to diseases and pests.

Thus, if the tree starts facing such problems, apply pesticides, fungicides, and neem oil to treat it. Also, stop removing the bark and let the plant heal on its own.

Additionally, it’s better to harvest the bark in dry seasons in the fall or winter. Removing the bark from the actively growing trees can hinder the growth of the tree.

How Is Cinnamon Harvested?

Before harvesting Cinnamon, make sure you prepare the sharp peeling tools to avoid unwanted damage to the Cinnamon tree.

A mature Cinnamon tree
Always harvest Cinnamon barks only from mature trees.

Moreover, harvest the bark carefully so that you don’t damage the inner cambium layer. The damaged cambium won’t produce the new barks again.

  • Select the 10-year-old or older Cinnamon tree and prepare a sterilized peeler.
  • Starting from downwards, peel the bark of the tree trunk spirally.
  • You must start peeling about 12 inches upward from the ground.
  • After you peel the barks, separate the inner and outer barks. The inner bark is full of flavor and is perfect for spice.
  • Break the bark into small pieces or cut into stripes and hang them for drying. Don’t oven dry the barks, as the essence will fade away after oven drying.
  • After the barks completely dry at room temperature, grind them and store them in a cool, dry place.

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Harvest Cinnamon Sustainably!

Some people harvest Cinnamon bark by cutting down the entire tree to earn more money. This harvesting practice may kill the Cinnamon tree and decrease its population.

To encourage sustainable harvest, make sure to buy Cinnamon powder or bark from reputed stores. Harvesting Connamon sustainably allows you to remove the barks regularly for longer times.