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Do Deer Eat Vinca? [Best Methods to Deter Deer]

Are you worried whether the roaming deer may invade your garden to nibble on your earnestly grown beautiful Vinca plants?

Although they are not generally attracted, deer eat Vinca leaves and flowers if other food sources are scarce, requiring you to add deterrents to prohibit them from your garden.

It may be worrying because deer will eat anything that looks juicy and attractive, including other garden plants.

Read on to discover some proven ways to deter deer from eating your Vinca.

Is Vinca Deer Resistant?

Vinca, commonly known as periwinkle, is a gorgeous plant grown as an ornamental garden or houseplant for its pretty blue or purple flowers and glossy, dark green leaves.

Be wary of yellowing Vinca leaves, which may indicate your plant is faltering.

Humans do not typically consume it as food, but garden predators like deer will happily munch on it to satiate their hunger and enjoy vitamins and minerals, although proportionally small. So, Vinca is not deer resistant.
Helathy vinca plant boasts glossy green leaves and colorful blooms
Glossy Vinca green leaves and colorful blooms often attract predators like deer.

Therefore, deer will feed on Vinca if other food sources are scarce, including Vinca minor or dwarf periwinkle and other delicious garden flowers and veggies.

Beware of possible deer invasion on your Vinca plants if you live near deer-infested areas like Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Georgia, N. Carolina, California, Oregon, and Washington.

That being said, not all Vinca plants are susceptible to deer invasion.

Some deer-resistant Vinca species are known to keep deer at bay, preventing possible plant or garden damage.

Vinca major (greater periwinkle)It has larger leaves and flowers, and is generally more sun and drought resistant
Vinca difformis (winter-blooming periwinkle)It blooms in late winter and early spring, and is known for its pale lavender-blue flowers
Vinca herbacea (woodland periwinkle)It is native to Europe and Asia, and has small, white or pink flowers
Illumination VincaIt has bright, variegated foliage and is known for its long bloom period
Bowles VincaThis variety has large, blue-violet flowers
Alba VincaThis variety has pure white flowers
Sterling Silver VincaIt has silvery-gray foliage and deep blue flowers
Pacifica VincaThis series of Vinca cultivars includes a variety of colors, including pink, lavender, and white

It may be essential to take precautions to protect your garden plants from deer using proven deer deterrents.

How to Keep Deer Away from Vinca

As mentioned, growing deer-resistant Vinca may only be an immediate solution because the predators might get attracted to other juicy plants in your garden.

Here are some effective ways to prevent deer from invading your Vinca and other garden plants.

1. Grow Deer-Resistant Plants

Deer are naturally unattracted to some plants. You can grow plants as a border or barrier around your Vinca bushes.

Deer dislikes the intense fragrance of common garden plants like Lavender, Marigolds, Daffodils, Boxwoods, and Dahlias.

Some other predator-resistant plants include perennials like floss flower, polka dot, dusty miller, sweet alyssum, and sweet basil, and annuals like sages, peonies, bee balm, and allium.

If you are wondering, here is a list of the best deer-resistant annuals and perennials.

2. Using Repellent Sprays

Deer repellant sprays significantly deter deer from roaming around the plant as they dislike the smell.

Garlic, eggs, or predator urine are natural repellents you can infuse with water and spray around the garden.

Otherwise, buy and use a commercial repellent, such as Liquid Fence, Nature’s MACE spray, and Bonide repel, that works very efficiently.

Ensure to check the product label and apply accordingly.

3. Add a Garden Fence

Installing a fence around the area is an effective way to protect your garden from deer.

It will deter deer and small animals that rely on garden veggies and flowers.

Remember, a fence should be at least 4-8 feet tall and made of sturdy materials such as metal or wood to keep deer away.

A black mesh, invisible net from far will work well. Otherwise, add a cross-chained fence that is sturdier.

4. Use an electric fence

When setting up an electric fence, use a single strand at least 30 inches from the ground to keep them effectively away.

It may be a relatively more expensive option than plain metal or wood fencing, but it is an ideal solution to deer infestation.

However, keep your pets and kids away from the electrical fences to avoid unimaginable accidents.

5. Use Noise or Light

Sudden noises or flashing lights easily scare deer and other small animals, which can be helpful when you are away.

You can set up motion-activated sprinklers, lights, or noisemakers in your garden to scare them away.

6. Remove Food Sources

Garden foods easily attract deer because they are quickly accessible.

Discourage deer from entering your garden by removing fallen fruit, cleaning up spilled birdseed, and keeping garbage cans securely closed.

7. Try a Decoy

To keep deer away from Vinca, you can use a decoy animal, such as a fake coyote, owl, or carnivore predator.

These decoys work by creating the impression that a predator is nearby.

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Last but not least, hanging fragrant soap around the garden can help deter deer.

Like natural repellants, soaps can effectively keep many different animals away.

Otherwise, consider growing your Vinca in elevated spaces like a patio, window, or terrace!