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Do Deer Eat Cucumber Plants? Everything You Need To Know

If you live near the forest, you might be facing the problem of deer invasion in your healthy Cucumber garden.

Generally, Deer love to eat all parts of Cucumber plants, including leaves, fruits, and stems. However, protect your Cucumber using fencing, deer repellents, organic repellents, deer-resistant plants, and netting or cloth covers.
Read on to learn the ways to prevent deer invasions in Cucumber gardens.

Do Deer Eat Cucumber Plants?

Deer are popular for eatting a variety of plants, including Cucumber. Furthermore, deer eat all parts of the Cucumber plants: leaves, fruits, and stems.

Deer eating Cucumber plant
Deer can absorb most of the nutrients like Vitamins and Minerals from Cucumbers.

Deer can be opportunistic feeders and invade your entire field within a short period of time.

However, sometimes, the Cucumber plants can recover after getting snatched by the deer. Similarly, the speed of their recovery depends on some factors that are below.

  • The severity of damage: If only a stem or some leaves are nibbled by deer, Cucumber may recover within a few days and produce its fruits. However, if there is extensive growth on growing tips or main stems, then it is hard to recover.
  • Plant health: The overall health of the Cucumber plant determines the recovery speed of the Cucumber plant. Healthy plants cope well against external stresses to the plants.
  • Time of the growing season: The time of the year can also influence the plant’s ability to recover from damage. Similarly, if the deer cause damage during the growing season, there is a better chance of fast recovery of plants.
  • Pruning and maintenance: If only specific plant parts are damaged, prune the affected areas to encourage their growth. Furthermore, regular maintenance, such as water and fertilization, also help the plant to recover fast.

How Do I Keep Deer From Eating My Cucumbers?

Deer might be habitual visitors to your Cucumber garden, and protecting it from them is challenging.

Here are some effective ways to repel Deer from Cucumber.

  • Fencing: Place a tall fence around the garden or Cucumber plants. Furthermore, the deer can jump long distances, so the fences should be at least 8 feet tall.
  • Deer repellents: You can commercially find deer repellents in some online stores. Apply these repellents on the Cucumber plants that contain substances with strong odors or tastes so that the deer find them unpleasant.
  • Organic repellents: You can prepare organic repellents at home by using garlic, hot pepper, and soap. Similarly, spray this mixture on the plant to deter the deer away from your Cucumber garden.
  • Plant deer-resistant plants: Consider planting deer-resistant plants like Floss flower, Polka dot plant, and Sweet Basil around the Cucumber gardens.
  • Netting or covers: Surround your Cucumber garden with nettings or cloth covers that provide a physical barrier from the deer.

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Deer love to devor the Cucumber and try their best to invade the Cucumber garden.

However, there are some other vegetables that the deer do not like, such as Onions, Garlic, Eggplants, Peppers, and Tomatoes.

You can intercrop these vegetables along with the Cucumber so as to deter the deer attack.