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Devil’s Trumpet Flower: Everything You Need To Know

Either in fiction like Harry Potter, The Princess Bride, etc, or in real life, the Devil’s Trumpet flower bears unique characteristics from both inside and outside.

Generally, the Devil’s Trumpet Flower is a beautiful trumpet-shaped flower that is highly poisonous if you consume even a small quantity. So, this flower bears both positive and negative meanings and symbolism.

Devil’s Trumpet flowers are the popular ornamental flowers native to Central and South America. Nowadays, they are spread to various parts of the world like Europe, Asia, etc.

So, go through this entire article to learn about Devil’s Trumpet flowers in detail and distinguish them from other similar flowers from the Nightshade family.

What Does Devil’s Trumpet Flower Look Like?

The Devil’s Trumpet flower is a large, trumpet-shaped flower that looks like a flaring frock of the princess.

This beautiful flower comes in various colors like yellow, dark purple, white, etc. The blossoms with vibrant colors grow about 7 inches long.

Devil's Trumpet Flowers in dark
Devil’s Trumpet flowers only bloom at night.

Moreover, this flower blooms at night, filling the surroundings with a sweet, intoxicating fragrance.

Basically, the flowers like to bloom alone, but you can also find some flowers growing in the clumps of two or three.

On a closer look, you can see five petals in each flower that are fused together to form a flaring, trumpet-like appearance. On the base, they beart long, slender tubes.

Furthermore, the flower bears five stamens holding pollens. These stamens enhance the beauty of these blossoms.

Is Devil’s Trumpet Flower Poisonous?

All parts of the Devil’s Trumpet flower are poisonous. Even the blossoms contain high amounts of alkaloid toxins, causing serious health issues.

When you consume any part of the flower, you will feel extreme dryness in your mouth and throat. This may cause you breathing difficulties.

After some time, you may face blurred vision and hallucinations. You may feel extremely unwell until this time.

Furthermore, you can also face other problems like rapid heart rate, stomach upsets, extreme throat pain, swelling of the tongue, and many more.

Underestimating this problem for a longer time leads the patient to a coma. Excessive consumption may also result in death.

Apart from humans, Devil’s Trumpet flower is extremely poisonous to your pets. So if you grow this plant at your home, make sure to place it out of reach of your children and pets.

In case of unusual behavior after the accidental or intensional ingestion, contact:

Devil’s Trumpet looks similar to Moonflowers, which is illegal in many countries. Both flowers are highly poisonous.

Devil’s Trumpet Flower Meaning And Symbolism

As the Devil’s Trumpet flowers are beautiful but poisonous, they bear various positive and negative meanings.

The charm of the flower with the sweet fragrance is the symbol of beauty and allure.

Moreover, people from various cultures use this flower for different rituals. This signifies spirituality and transformation.

Also, the unique flower structure inspires people, like artists, poets, etc., to create poems, stories, and movies regarding this flower. This represents art and creativity.

Apart from the positive meanings, this toxic flower symbolizes death and danger due to its poisons. This also indicates darkness.

Moreover, the hallucinogenic properties and sweet fragrance of the flower also represent witchcraft, addiction, and obsession.

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Devil’s Trumpet Vs. Angel’s Trumpet!

Devil’s Trumpet looks very similar to Angel’s trumpet, making it difficult to distinguish between both varieties. However, both bear potential differences if you look at them closely.

Devil’s Trumpets are herbaceous flowers, but Angel’s trumpet flowers are a woody perennial. You can see the Devil’s Trumpet flower facing upwards, whereas Angel’s Trumpet faces downwards.

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