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Delonix Regia Bonsai | Best Tips To Grow & Care Bonsai Tree

Although Maple trees and Junipers are the popular bonsai choices, some experts managed to grow Delonix regia bonsai due to the appealing looks.

Generally, growing Delonix regia bonsai is challenging due to its rapid growth, long foliage, and thin trunk. It needs 6-8 hours of sunlight daily, water only the top 2 inches of the dry soil, and pruning the unwanted growth regularly.

It’s vital to repot the Delonix regia every 1-2 years as the plant becomes rootbound faster, resulting in stunted growth.

So, if you really want to add Delonix regia bonsai into your living space, read this entire article to get a step-wise growing guide and failproof tips.

Is Delonix Regia Good For Bonsai?

Although Delonix regia is not the best species for bonsai due to its fast-growing structure, you can still find bonsai seeds in the Market.

However, if you are a beginner, growing this plant as a bonsai will be tricky due to its leaves, trunks, and bark.

Delonix regia has other names such as Royal Poinciana, fire tree (flame tree) or flamboyant tree. 

Delonix regia bonsai with thin trunk
It takes a long time for Delonix regia to maintain a good trunk thickness.

It’s because the leaves are fern-like and grow as very big fronds if you don’t provide proper maintenance.

Furthermore, Delonix regia is sensitive to frost and prefers tropical growing conditions. It’s difficult to maintain the growing condition during the winter months.

Additionally, the normal Delonix regia grows 40 feet tall, and growing a small bonsai is not easy at such a growth rate.

Also, you will need several years of patience to get a good-sized trunk, as this plant contains a very thin trunk.

Nevertheless, creating a bonsai out of Delonix regia can result in a beautiful display of red and orange blossoms during spring.

Moreover, as the plant is deciduous, you can study every detail of leaf fall within your living space.

How To Grow Delonix Regia Bonsai?

While growing Delonix regia bonsai, make sure to choose a location with 6-8 hours of sunlight daily.

Moreover, growing your bonsai on a specialized bonsai pot with enough drainage holes is better.

    • Choose a young and healthy sapling from a good nursery or plant store.
    • Make sure to choose well-draining or specialized bonsai soil for good water retention.
    • Prune the roots of the sapling to remove any tangled roots.
    • Fill the half container with bonsai soil and then plant the sapling. 
    • After that, fill the remaining half to support the sapling.
    • Filling the topsoil with pebbles or decorative gravel can retain moisture with an appealing look.
    • Use wiring to maintain the desired bonsai shape.
  • Hydrate and fertilize well during the growing seasons to maintain healthy growth.

Tips To Care Delonix Regia Bonsai

Make sure to limit the fertilizer, as frequent feeding during the growing season may be problematic due to the fast-growing rate.

  • Amend the potting soil with organic compost for healthy growth.
  • Water the bonsai only when the top 2 inches of the soil becomes dry to prevent root rot.
  • Provide 16-18 hours of artificial light if the plant lacks natural light.
  • Never use fertilizer during fall as the plant may suffer from bad overwinter.
  • During chilling winter, use frost blankets to prevent your bonsai from cold.
  • Inspect the bonsai regularly and apply pesticides, fungicides, or neem oil if you notice any disease or pest infestation.
  • To maintain the desired shape of your bonsai, prune the unwanted growth regularly. 

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Try Growing Other Bonsai First!

If you are a beginner and are really into growing bonsai, it’s better to choose other bonsai species for successful growth.

It’s because it’s too complicated due to its vast size and rapid growth. You will need a horticulturist or a bonsai expert to successfully give it the desired bonsai appearance.