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Cyclamen Flower [Care, Meaning & Uses]

Cyclamen (cy-cla-men) is a charming flower mostly known for its unique reflexed petals that make them look like butterflies.

The Cyclamen plant actively produces flower blooms from December to April. Their fragrant, long, twisted petals of color white, red, pink, and purple hues are spherical and sharply curved upward. Under adequate care, they bloom elegantly both indoors and outdoors.

Although the plant flowers easily for a year, it is still tricky to make them rebloom.

But worry not, read till the end, so you know how to make them rebloom alongside spiritual meaning and Cyclamen flower care.

When does Cyclamen Flower?

Cyclamen is a herbaceous perennial that produces flowers when the temperature is relatively cool and damp.

Since winter is the Cyclamen flowering season, it blooms from late December to the end of April, i.e., winter to early spring.

They take 6-8 months to bloom when grown from Cyclamen flower seeds. But it can vary depending on the surrounding temperature.

You can make Cyclamen flowers throughout the year with proper care.

But potted Cyclamen do not bloom all year and generally last for at least eight weeks.

Meanwhile, each Cyclamen flower will enchant you for about a week, and under favorable, these flowers come back every year. 

You can encourage and extend Cyclamen flowering via prompt deadheading and pruning alongside ideal Cyclamen care.

Overview of Cyclamen Flower

Did you know Cyclamen cyprium is the national flower of Cyprus?

Commonly known as Alpine Violet, Persian Violet, common Orchid, and Sowbread, the Cyclamen flower belongs to the Primulaceae family.

The Cyclamen flowers are on a long elongated stem about 15-20 cm long.

The 2-inch bloom of Cyclamen comes in different color ranges, such as white, pink, red, lavender, etc.

red cyclamen flower on a pot
In addition to aesthetic flowers, Cyclamen also has dramatic variegated heart-shaped green leaves.

The twisted petals point upwards, whereas the main flower points downwards to shield the stamens and pistils from rainfall.

Here is the table for the Cyclamen flower description. 

StructureDownward-facing blooms with reflexed petals
Size2-14 mm
ColorPure white, all shades of pink, lavender, red, purple, flame, etc
ScentFresh green floral scent
Flower TypeTuberous perennial
Blooming SeasonBlooms right through January, February and into March
LifespanA couple of weeks
ToxicityToxic to pets and humans

Cyclamen flowers can beautify gardens but are invasive that can swiftly take over the place.

Moreover, their deep-rooted tough tubers make removing difficult without destroying the garden.

Cyclamen Flower Pollination

The Cyclamen flower is a self-incompatible species, so they rely on insects and are mainly pollinated by bees and tiny moths.

But you can hand pollinate indoor Cyclamen flowers that do not have the luxury of attracting bees or other insects.

Hand Pollination in Cyclamen Flower

Artificial hand pollination for the Cyclamen flower is easy and does not take long.

  • Choose a bright sunny day for pollination.
  • Gently flick the plant’s stems, and the pollen will fall on the Stigma.
  • Or, get a paintbrush with a small tip and paper towels.
  • Drop the pollen on the paper towels by gently flicking them.
  • Collect the pollen through the paintbrush and dip them in the pistil Stigma of the flower.

After successful pollination, you can see the formation of the seed pod at the stalk’s tip.

The flower stalk will curl, elongate and arch down after pollination, and the blooms will fade.

Depending on the variety, each capsule contains six to twelve seeds.

How to Make a Cyclamen Plant Flower?

The best way to care for and make Cyclamen plant flower is by mimicking their natural environment as much as possible.

Moreover, depending on the Cyclamen variety, you must not disturb the flower tuber in its dormancy period, which takes place in summer or winter.

Strategically place the outdoor Cyclamen in dappled sunlight protected from direct sun. Indirect bright light is ideal for indoor ones.

Morning sunlight can do wonders and induce better blooms, so incorporate Cyclamen 2-3 feet from the east window.

Besides that, to make Cyclamen flower, maintain a temperature of 60-70°F, humidity between 50% and 60% and feed them bloom booster monthly.

Remember, you need to cut back watering Cyclamen flower when they are resting in a dormant state. Generally, dormancy lasts for about 2-3 months only.

Otherwise, water the plant when the soil is dry to the touch or follow a weekly watering routine.

Aim for well-draining, airy, nutrient-rich soil (pH 5.6-6) to enjoy prominent Cyclamen blooms.

Also, you can proceed with these conditions for the Cyclamen flower care. 

How Do I Get My Cyclamen to Rebloom?

Commonly, gardeners discard the Cyclamen plant because it can get tricky to make them rebloom.

But wait, you still can make them rebloom with a few tips and tricks in their care regime.

Once the leaves of Cyclamen start to turn yellow naturally after the flowering period, follow these tips.

  • Gradually stop watering the plant after the leaves turn yellow and wither down.
  • Avoid pruning somewhat green leaves and only prune the bone-dry leaves.
  • Relocate the plant to a cool place and protect them from the scorching heat.
  • Ensure the tubers remain undisturbed in a cool, dry place during summer.
  • Provide proper nighttime chill and cooler daytime temperature (about 20°C).

You can begin watering once again after the tuber sprouts new leaves or to prevent the soil from becoming bone dry.

Also, bottom watering is ideal for Cyclamen to avoid overwatering issues like tuber rot.

Common Problems with Cyclamen Flowers

Here are some common problems you will most likely face with Cyclamen flowers.

Flowers will droop, and buds can fall off
UnderwateringFlowers stars wilting, and plants will have stunt growth with crispy or yellow leaves
High TemperatureFlowers will fade
Tubers planted too deep in the soilThe plant will not bloom properly
OverfertilizingIt will affect the plant to rebloom
Fluctuation in temperature and humidityFlower buds not opening
Botrytis blightFlowers turn a papery brown and become covered with gray, fuzzy masses
Cyclamen miteFlowers will discolor, shrivel or wilt

Should You Cut off Dead Cyclamen Flowers?

To extend the Cyclamen flowering, you should cut off or deadhead decaying, dead, or spent Cyclamen flowers.

By doing so, the energy spent on dying flowers will be transferred toward the new flower growth.

Also, it prevents plants from consuming energy for seed development.

Therefore, routinely check the foliage and prune off diseased, dry, wilting Cyclamen flowers and leaves alongside deadheading spent flowers.

However, refrain from snipping off drooping, wilting, or curling leaves, as they can bounce back with proper treatment.

Remember, proper deadheading will send more energy to the plant’s tuber, producing better flowers the following year.

How to Deadhead Cyclamen Flowers

You should carefully deadhead or trim the Cyclamen flower and the stalks when the flower begins to fade and wither.

So do not just yank the flowers, as it may lead to Cyclamen flowers drooping, but follow the instructions below.

  • Once the flowers have opened, inspect the Cyclamen daily for dead blossoms.
  • Grab the wilting flower’s stalk from underneath the blossom head.
  • Gently pull upward while giving the stem a firm tug.
  • If the item is still connected, wait a day or two until it has shriveled before attempting to deadhead the Cyclamen again.
  • Deadhead the Cyclamen flowers when the stem quickly pulls out.
  • Remove the flower stems and leaves once the entire plant turns yellow and dies in the summer.

Cyclamen Flower Meaning & Uses

The Cyclamen flower means departure and symbolizes resignation.

So, the Cyclamen flower arrangements make a lovely gift to say goodbye to someone you won’t see again for a long time.

Also, the Cyclamen flower has spiritual meaning and symbolizes a holy flower of love and a compassionate, devoted heart. And different Cyclamen flower colors have a unique meanings.

The red Cyclamen symbolizes strength and boldness, while the white Cyclamen flower meaning innocence and elegance.

This underlying meaning makes the Cyclamen flower tattoo a current favorite among youngsters.

Often you can see them planted next to historic monasteries and churchyards in the Mediterranean nations.

On the other hand, the Cyclamen flower has been in use as medicine for over 2000 years.

Traditional Cyclamen flower benefits involve treating dropsy, ring, or intestinal worms and migraine headaches.

Primarily they are used to treat menstrual disorders, digestion problems, and nervous and emotional states.

Health Considerations to Keep in Mind

Cyclamen has beautiful flowers and foliage but is equally toxic and poisonous.

According to the ASPCA, Cyclamens contain Terpenoid saponins that can be toxic to dogs, cats, and horses.

Accidental consumption of Cyclamen can cause upset stomach, hypersalivation, vomiting, and diarrhea.

In severe cases, the symptoms can worsen, cause heart rhythm abnormalities and seizures, and even cause death.

Even in humans, Cyclamen can induce symptoms like nausea, vomiting, convulsions, and paralysis if consumed in large quantities.

Therefore, you must be cautious and keep the plant away from the kids’ and pets’ reach.

Here are some hotlines you can rely on if you suspect Cyclamen poisoning in pets.

From Editors Team

Beautifully & Deadly Cyclamen Flower!

The butterfly-like blooms of the Cyclamen flower are poisonous, so regularly apply organic pet repellent sprays to keep pets away.

Or, you can keep them inside a secluded room to which your kids and pets have no access.

All The Best!

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