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Does Cyanide Seeds Cure Acne? [The Viral Tiktok Video]

If you saw the viral TikTok with the acne healing ability of seeds due to cyanide and wondering if they actually work or not? Well, we got you covered.

In general, most seeds contain cyanide which is a highly toxic compound. Even in smaller amounts, it is fatal and can cause death. Despite its high lethality, TikTok videos suggest using seeds and their Cyanide content for healing acne.

Thus, stick with the article till the end to debunk the viral video via a scientific approach.

Do All Seeds Contain Cyanide?

No! Not all seeds contain Cyanide in them. But most seeds contain chemicals that release Cyanide upon breakdown.

For instance, Apple seeds contain amygdalin, a complex Cyanide and sugar compound. When they come in contact with enzymes, they release Cyanide.

Here, Cyanide is a toxic chemical compound that can cause death even in small amounts.

However, single seeds do not contain or release Cyanide in fatal amounts. So, eating one or two seeds will not harm you.

Also, the Cyanide content in seeds differs greatly depending on the type of seed.

Therefore, for Cyanide poisoning from seeds, one must eat tons and tons of them all at once.

Meanwhile, the severity of Cyanide poisoning also varies from person to person. Some of the influencing factors are age, health status, and the amount of Cyanide.

Thus, to avoid the risk of Cyanide poisoning, spit out seeds while eating fruits or veggies. Also, avoid eating damaged, bruised, or improperly roasted seeds.

Now, here is a table of seeds that contain Cyanide and does not have one in them.

Seeds That Contain CyanidesSeeds That Does Not Contain Cyanides
Apple SeedsSunflower Seeds
Apricot Seeds (Apricot Kernels)Pumpkin Seeds
Peach PitsChia Seeds
Plum PitsFlaxseeds
Cherry PitsSesame Seeds
Bitter Almond SeedsWatermelon Seeds
Cassava Seeds (Tapioca)Pomegranate Seeds

Which Seeds Contain The Most Cyanide?

Though Apple seeds come to mind when we talk about Cyanide in seeds, even Almonds contain more Cyanide.

Apple seeds generally contain 0.3 milligrams of Cyanide per gram of seeds.

Meanwhile, Greengage contains 17.5 mg, Apricot 14.4 mg, Red Cherry 3.9 mg, Peach 2.2 mg, and Plum 2.2 mg of Cyanide per gram of seeds.

A person is scrapping off seeds from apple with the help of knife, over a table.
Instead of eating Apple seeds, you can use them for germination and grow a brand-new Apple tree out of it.

As per scientific research, the stone fruit seeds contain a relatively higher amount of Cyanide.

Further, it suggests raw Apricot seeds contain 15 mg of hydrogen Cyanide per gram.

Do you know you need to eat almost hundreds of Apple seeds to get Cyanide poisoning?

Epic Truth of Viral TikTok: Seeds, Cyanide & Acne

Recently, there was a viral TikTok where a person suggested the use of seeds for acne due to their Cyanide content.

Netizens know cyanides are harmful and fatal to humans, yet they are hopping on the trend.

Though the girl in the video claimed applying a paste of seeds helped to clear up her acne, there is no scientific evidence to back up the fact.

Instead of clearing acne, the seed paste might cause skin allergies.

Likewise, another video suggested that seeds improved her skin due to cyanides. Now, this is also a baseless claim.

And she clearly ends the video with the message, “Do not try, and it could be just a coincidence.” Despite her message, people still believe her and try to get rid of their acne.

Remember, most seeds contain cyanides or compounds that release Cyanide. So, do not try these approaches to make your skin better.

Clearer skin is not worth your life. Trust me!

Now, instead of hopelessly eating tons of seeds to get clear skin, there is something you can do if you are a girl.

As per Cosmopolitan, you can balance the hormonal imbalance that often causes skin problems like acne by eating one tablespoon of flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds.

The fatty acids in pumpkin seeds and lignans in flaxseeds help you avoid hormonal pimples.

Besides that, do not try anything you see online, especially when the process involves using poisonous toxins.

Editor’s Note

Instead of Baseless Treatments, Consult Dermatologist!

Though the eye-soaring acne may make you desperate, trust the process and do not follow fast-track TikTok remedies.

Often such methods lack scientific evidence. So, do not take a risk with your skin and consult a dermatologist to heal your acne.

All The Best & Stay Safe!