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[5+ Top Untold] Cosmos Flower Meanings

The Cosmos flower truly justifies its Cosmos name with a vibrant color palette while offering a grande and diverse meaning.

Generally, the Cosmos flower symbolizes peace and tranquility that comes with order and harmony. It also reflects the joyfulness of beauty, balance, love, and innocence. Moreover, the Cosmos flower is a way to express unspoken love.

Let me guide you on a cosmic journey where the meaning of Cosmos flower varies with varying human civilizations.

Overview of Cosmos Flower

The Cosmos flower is native to the wilderness of Mexico and was first brought to England in 1789.

Spanish explorers discovered them first in the 16th century and eventually made it to U.S. in the mid-1800s.

Common NameGarden cosmos, Mexican aster
Foliage TypeDeciduous green leaves in pinnatisect shape and long slender stem.
Flowering3-6 inches saucer shaped flowers with 7-20 petals/rays
Yellowish-white, with curly petals and 3-4" long red-tipped stamens
Flowering SeasonFall, Spring, Summer
FragranceBittersweet cocoa floral smell
FruitingSmall dark brownish black seeds
Growth ZoneUSDA Zones 2a-11b
ToxicityNon toxic to cats or dogs

Cosmos Flower: Meaning, Legend & Symbolism

Due to the symmetric and organized petal arrangement, Spanish priests baptized the flower Cosmos.

Moreover, the name Cosmos is derived from the Greek word ‘Kosmos,’ which means world order.

So, the Cosmos flower symbolizes world peace and harmony.

Besides that, the Cosmos flower is also a symbol of love, affection and romance. No wonder they are also known as the ‘Love flower.’

One folklore states Cosmos flower gives resemblance the homes of fairies. So, fairies are often said to be attracted to them.

Moreover, they undoubtedly attract butterflies, bees, and birds.

Folklore states that the Cosmos flower looks like the home of a Fairy.

Cosmos flowers are also associated with October and the astrological sign of Libra. 

Here zodiac sign of Libra is scale giving the Cosmos flower meaning of balance and harmony. 

Furthermore, the Cosmos flower is believed to be a luck bringer for their pest-repelling habit.

Cosmos Flower Meaning Based on Cultures

The Cosmos flower has varying cultural significance. So, let us learn about the Cosmos flower meanings in different countries.

  • Mexico: Often correlated to the deities, spirits, and thought as a symbol of harmony and order
  • Greece: Order and harmony with nature
  • United States of America: Symbol of rebirth and new hope
  • Victorian England Era: Love and life
  • Japan: Special gift for girls on the verge of beginning womanhood, symbolizing innocence and purity.
  • Belgium and Austria: Black Cosmos flowers in funerals symbolize death.
  • China: It means expressing a person’s deeper feelings and symbolizes purity and innocence.
  • Brazil: Traditional medicine to treat malaria due to the Lutein chemical compound.
  • Europe: As a gift with best wishes for well-being, hopes, and purity. It also symbolizes tranquility and harmony.

Did you know the World Kindness conference held in Tokyo in 1999 officially declared the Cosmos flower as the official organization flower?

The importance of the Cosmos flower adapts to modern society in quite an amusing way.

cosmos flower
Cosmos flowers have different cultural, spiritual, and religious symbolism.

So, typically Cosmos flower tattoo means greatness of perseverance in facing adversity and respect for beauty and kindness.

Cosmos Flower Meaning Based on Religions

Did you know that in Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu plucked out a white Cosmos flower from the sky, forming a universe?

Not only in Hinduism, but there are many important aspects of Cosmos flowers in other religions.

Let’s take a look at how different religions interpret Cosmos flower meanings.

Reminder of God's Love for all creation.

Represents journey to enlightenment.

Used in meditations and represents universe.

Birth of Prophet Muhammad and beauty of heaven.

An embodiment of nature.

Divine beauty and power.

Especially, white Cosmos flowers are pivotal in almost all religions for their cosmic grande of peace and harmony.

Besides their significance in religions, Cosmos flowers also have spiritual meanings.

cosmos flower
Cosmos flower is popular for its various colors with symmetric petal arrangement.

There is a belief within the spiritual community that the Cosmos flower resembles a throat chakra.

It is because the Cosmos flower seemingly helps to overcome the fear and anxiety of expressing opinions.

Similarly, there is a belief that the orderly arrangement of flower petals signifies order brought into the chaotic universe.

Fact: Try adding one Cosmos flower petal to a glass of wine to get the medical benefits of the flower.

In addition, the Cosmos flower has 19 spiritual circles that are thought to generate positive vibrations around the person and the environment.

Cosmos Flower Meaning Based on Color

Depending upon the Cosmos flower color, the meaning that it represents varies. 

Here is a table of Cosmos flower meanings in correspondence to colors.

Color of Cosmos flowerMeaning
RedEverlasting love, passion and romance
PinkGentle intimacies like kisses, hugs and sometimes as a mother's love
FuschiaRomantic love and feminine beauty
WhiteFaithfulness, honesty, devotion, peace, purity, hope
YellowFriendship, affectionate love or familial love, positive vibes, optimism
OrangeHappiness, health and vitality
ScarletEnergy, desire, passion, optimism
BlackDeath, mourning
ChoclateEarthiness, feeling grounded, luxury and security

A special Chocolate Cosmos flower is velvety dark or reddish brown and has a distinctive cocoa fragrance.

Unlike other flower colors, this flower boldly states, “No one can love you more than I do.”

Moreover, the chocolate Cosmos flower is also said to be a means of expressing your intense love.

cosmos flower
Cosmos flowers are commonly available throughout the world.

So, gift your loved one a bouquet of chocolate Cosmos flowers to tell them how much they mean to you.

Interestingly, chocolate Cosmos are said to be for October-born babies. Therefore, the Cosmos flower is also popular with October Birth Flower.

The Cosmos flower is also connected with the spider, sea star, and octopus spirit animals.

They are associated with the numbers eight and infinity, indicating the universe’s divine creation.

If you are a fan of colorful, vibrant flowers, you might want to read about the Pink Jasmine and Begonia Flower.

Wrapping Up!!!

The Cosmos flower is one of a kind that bears many positive meanings and cultural significance.

This simple yet grande meaningful flower inspires humanity to pursue order amidst unsolvable complex chaos.

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