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Cara Cara Vs Valencia [How To Distinguish?]

In the citrus world, a confusing battle between two amazing oranges (Cara Cara vs Valencia) has captivated everyone’s mind. You have to peel the rind to find their identity.

Generally, Both Cara Cara and Valencia oranges are popular citrus varieties from the Rutaceae family. However, both Oranges are different in hybrids, origin, appearance, flavor, price, and availability.

Although both oranges have distinct flavor profiles and unique looks, both come under the same botanical name, Citrus sinensis.

So, go through this full article to know the potential difference between two similar-looking orange varieties, Cara Cara and Valencia.

Cara Cara & Valencia Orange [Similarities]

Both Cara Cara and Valencia oranges are the popular citrus varieties from the Rutaceae family. Moreover, both oranges are special and popular because of their unique qualities.

Cara Cara in the left vs Valencia on the right
Cara Cara has more complex flavor profile compared to Valencia orange.

When you taste both oranges, you can feel a good punch of sweetness and tartness due to the flavorful juice.

  • Both oranges are highly nutritious containing a high amount of vitamin C and beta-carotene.
  • The sugar content is high in both oranges but both have low acidity levels.
  • Both oranges have thick rinds making them easier to peel.
  • Fruiting of both Oranges occurs from December to March allowing you to enjoy them during winter months.
  • The juicy nature of both oranges makes them a great choice for juicing and eating fresh.
  • Additionally, you can use both oranges to make a variety of sweet dishes like cakes, desserts, etc.
  • Both oranges are hybrids from the popular orange varieties.

Cara Cara and Valencia Oranges are susceptible to several pathogenic diseases like Anthracnose, citrus canker, scabs, etc. So, using suitable pesticides, fungicides, and neem oil is the best solution to prevent these pathogens.

Cara Cara Vs. Valencia Orange [Differences]

The size of Cara Cara Orange is smaller than Valencia. Cara Cara bears slightly lopsided oranges ranging the size from 2-3 inches with a less pronounced navel.

In contrast, the size of Valencia Oranges ranges from 3-4 inches with a well-defined navel.

1. Hybrids

Although both Cara Cara and Valencia are hybrids, the lineage of both varieties is totally different.

Valencia orange is the hybrid of St. Michael orange and the sweet orange while Cara Cara is a naturally occurring mutation from Washington Navel orange.

Washington Navel Orange is a hybrid of Bahiya Navel Orange and Tangelo.

2. Origin

Cara Cara Orange originated in the 1970s. This unique mutated variety is native to a Venezuelan farm called Hacienda Cara Cara from South America.

In contrast, Valencia Orange originated in 1800 in Florida, North America. This unique variety is the result of selective breeding.

3. Appearance

Cara Cara Orange has a pinkish-orange rind with a smooth texture. The flesh of this orange is also unique with a stunning coral pink color.

Meanwhile, Valencia Orange has the traditional orange-colored rind with few bumps in it. When you peel this orange, you can see a bright orange interior.

4. Flavor

When you taste Cara Cara Orange, you can experience the complex flavor of sweetness and tartness. The flavor gives a hint of Raspberry and Grapefruit.

In contrast, Valencia Orange has a classic orange flavor giving the traditional vibe. The flavor is tarter and more acidic compared to Cara Cara Oranges.

5. Price & Availability

Cara Cara Oranges are the newer variety and are not as widely available as Valencia Oranges. The price of this orange is also expensive due to low availability.

Meanwhile, you can find Valencia Oranges in almost every grocery store and shopping center during the season at a lower price than Cara Cara.

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Cara Cara Vs. Valencia: What To Choose?

Choosing between Cara Cara and Valencia Oranges totally depends on your personal preferences. If you want to experience unique and complex flavors, Cara Cara is a great choice.

However, it’s better to choose Valencia Orange if you are into traditional orange flavors. Valencia is also suitable if you want a budget-friendly option.

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