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Benefits of Bromeliad Plants: The Amazing One

Several indoor plants can bring vibrant color to your household, while others can alleviate anxiety and stimulate the brain.

Some perennials can guide you to be more productive while working from home, while others can help you sleep soundly at night.

So which of these benefits come along with Bromeliad?

Generally, Bromeliad around your space improves your performance by helping you concentrate. These plants also purify the air by soaking up nearly 90% of the benzene in the air. Inducing sleep and calmness are some more of its benefits. 

Pink Flowering Bromeliad
Pink Flowering Bromeliad

How will you ensure that you and your family are completely safe from detrimental airborne bacteria and pollutants?

Well, keeping Bromeliads is a convenient option to disinfect the air in your home!

The stunning red blossoms of a bromeliad plant will add a touch of elegance to your home’s decor. However, their applications do not end with adornment.

Throughout the forthcoming texts, you will find some of the amazing benefits of Bromeliad plants. Just Fasten your Seat belt and dive right into this article.

Overview of Bromeliad Plant

Bromeliads have silhouettes that make you want to grab them to see if they are legitimate.

They treat you to magnificent hues and a tropical feel in a swap for a glimmer of light and a splash of water.

There are over 2800 species, the most spectacular and easy to care for, which have been embraced as ornamental plants.

If you have Pineapple Bromeliad here is How you should Take Care of Bromeliad Pineapple?

These slow growers might take a year or three to get mature enough to flower.

The astonishing array of colors and textures with leaves in red, green, purple, orange, and yellow colors and with bands, stripes, spots, and other features.

Scientific NameBromeliaceae genera
Common nameBromeliad
USDA Zone10-11
Plant TypePerennials
Growth RateSlow Grower
FloweringBlooms once; Any time of the year

Benefits of Bromeliad Plants

Bromeliad Plant has so much to offer.

While some individuals keep bromeliads because they like the way they look, others grow them because of the numerous benefits they provide.

Here are a few benefits of Bromeliad Plants:

1. Bromeliads Increase Productivity

Are you tired of the mundanity of the working weeks? Introduce yourself to a Bromeliad and experience a boost in productivity.

Besides team development sports and other employees’ morale schemes, workplace plants and decor are essential as well.

A Healthy Potted Bromeliad
A Healthy Potted Bromeliad

Keeping plants at work helps to increase productivity and helps businesses attract and retain employees.

Whether you work from home or in a coworking space, looking at lush vegetation can definitely be rejuvenating.

2. Bromeliads Help to Clean the Air

One of the most popular advantages of growing indoor plants is that they detoxify the air.

According to scientific research findings by NASA, Bromeliads can also help to purify the air.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are found in the air around us, particularly indoors, and they have been associated with a higher risk of cancer-like disease.

Plant cleansing indoor air
Plant cleansing indoor air diagram (Source: Plant Air)

These dangerous chemicals and contaminants are frequently found in rugs, sanitizing and beauty products, and varnish.

According to a recent study conducted by New York University, Bromeliads are remarkably efficient at eliminating VOCs from the air. 

According to the study, Bromeliads can eliminate up to 80% of chemicals like acetone and benzene.

However, unlike many other air-purifying plants, Bromeliads do this at night rather than throughout the day.

So, to make sure you get a good night’s sleep, keep a Bromeliad on your night table.

3. Bromeliads make Bedtime Relaxing

Having a good and relaxing sleep has a variety of advantages.

When you get a good night’s sleep, you wake up more prompt and geared, have more vitality, and enhance your overall attitude.

A man sleeping peacefully in the clouds
Peaceful sleeping (Source: Deposit Photo)

No wonder potted plants make excellent flatmates! They never steal your dinner, are always willing to listen, and, most importantly, assist you in getting a good night’s sleep. 

Because they unleash a lot of oxygen and soak up the carbon dioxide we respire while sleeping, some plants are better at improving indoor air quality, making it easier to breathe.

One such variety is the Bromeliad! Making it undoubtedly a top pick for your apartment. They reduce anxiety and screen out detrimental VOCs from the air.

4. Bromeliads make an Eye-Catching Ornamental Assertions

Would you like to bring some color and exotic splendor into your home?

Bromeliads ought to be on your list if this is the case. This lovely flowering plant is native to tropical forests, but it can prosper with adequate treatment in your house or apartment.

Red Bromeliad Blossom
Red Bromeliad Blossom

They are an excellent complement to any indoor plant compendium.

Because Bromeliads do not grow in containers like other houseplants, you can position them at the outpost of trees, a practice known as underplanting.

Position it alone in an elegant receptacle to make a bold statement. Bromeliads are vibrant, easy to care for, and inexpensive.

5. Bromeliads Improves your Mental Well-being

Have you ever realized how much serotonin rushes through your body when you stroll into an interior wilderness?

Or have you ever observed a colleague who always has a plant on their workstation?

There is a scientific explanation for this- plants alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression while also promoting mental well-being.

For most people, their mental well-being has been harmed as a result of the tragic situations surrounding COVID -19, who spend the majority of their time in apartments.

The spectacle of beautiful green plants, such as Bromeliads, can substantially affect our mental health. 

Introducing the outside may sound humorous, but research findings have shown that connecting with nature enhances our emotions.

6. Bromeliads are Excellent for Feng Shui

One of the hyped benefits of having Bromeliad plants is the belief in its reinforcing indoor ambiance and serenity.

They are the ideal plant for this aesthetic because they already contain a lot of ‘Yin and Yang.’

Yin and Yang are Chinese concepts that refer to two conflicting doctrines that complement each other, such as north and south, watery and crumbly, warm and cold, soft and hard, and so forth.

Yang symbolizes masculinity, while Yin symbolizes femininity. 

A Healthy Potted Bromeliad
A Healthy Potted Bromeliad (Source: Pixabay)

The solid, spiky leaves of the Aechmea and Pineapple plants provide a natural balance of power to the pale pink bracts and fruit, respectively.

Numerous different Bromeliads, like Guzmania and Tillandsia, have delicate, sleek leaves adorned by a bundle of rugged, brightly colored, captivating disarray of blossoms.

Whichever the instance, everything is in order for aggrandizing lifestyle.

7. Bromeliads may Reduce Stress

Stress is the one emotion we all perceive every now and then, both at home and in the office, and it can sometimes keep us feeling like we need to get away from everything.

Plants in your house or apartment can start making you feel more at ease, comforted, and effortless, according to a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology.

Woman surrounded by plants
The benefit of Bromeliad Plants: Help reduce stress (Source: Tenor)

If this is your first time coaching yourself at plants, take baby steps with just one Bromeliad to avert getting overwhelmed.

If you should choose more than one plant, select an amalgamation of plants that necessitate the same treatment and requirements.

So adding a Bromeliad friend to your residence or work desk might help you feel less anxious.

With our stress-inducing busy schedules and strict deadlines, we forget to take time for ourselves and relax. Everyone is running around.

So much so that our generation only tends to rest in the hospital or death bed in severe cases. Yes, you can feel preoccupied even in your sleep.

Surprisingly the effect of surrounding yourself with some houseplant, including bromeliad is similar to that of meditation and yoga.

The presence of blooms positively (they were calmer) affects anxiety & stress levels in the employee.

8. Bromeliads Enhance Auditory and Olfactory Senses

When working in an office or simply lying on the couch, you want to keep the situation as calm and collected as conceivable.

On the other hand, undesirable odors and disorientating noises can interrupt your peace and tranquility. Plants such as Bromeliads, fortunately, can significantly minimize these annoyances. 

A Wild Bromeliad
A Wild Bromeliad (Source: Pixabay)

Having houseplants, such as Bromeliads, distributed throughout your residence can also help to reduce noise.

Plants make remarkably decent soundproofing substances because their leaves and stems soak up acoustic signals.

Did you Know? The more dense and full the vegetation, the more efficacious it is at improving acoustics.

9. Bromeliads may Alleviate Allergies

There are numerous natural allergy treatments available. Obtaining a houseplant, specifically a Bromeliad, is one such approach.

Bromeliads are very efficient at eliminating VOCs from the atmosphere.

One of the perks of having a Bromeliad plant is that it filters six out of the eight compounds examined in a study, including benzene and acetone. 

Bromeliads may help decrease the risk of adverse reactions if you have asthma or other allergic conditions.

Health Considerations to Keep in Mind with Bromeliads

1. Can cause Dermatitis

Bromeliads purchased and grown at home are non-toxic. On the other hand, the nectar may induce an allergic reaction, resulting in minor Dermatitis.

Dermatitis can cause a red rash and itchy bumps that can last for a few days or hours, depending upon the sensitivity.

House owners are always relieved to learn that most Bromeliad plants are not poisonous. Likewise, humans are not poisoned by these plants.

2. Allergic Reactions are Possible

The ASPCA declared Bromeliads safe and nonhazardous to cats and dogs. In such a sizeable botanical family, there may be some notable exceptions.

Sometimes allergic symptoms (which are very rare) are followed by itchiness and redness. However, this should go on its own in a few hours.

The Bromeliad plant will not poison cats. However, if your cat ingests the plant’s leaves, blossoms, seeds, sap, or roots, they may encounter digestive anguish.

A Healthy Potted Bromeliad
A Healthy Potted Bromeliad (Source: Pixabay)

Your cat may experience mild stomach pain, vomiting, or diarrhea. In most cases, the clinical signs will subside once the plant has been removed from the cat’s system. 

It is simply the body’s way of responding to new food. However, if the symptoms linger or worsen, you should consult a veterinarian to ensure your cat doesn’t have an allergic response.

3. Deciding where to Place Bromeliad can be Tricky

Due to the possibility of allergic reactions, some species may be generally avoided or maintained out of the reach of children.

Pets enjoy nibbling on certain varieties of air plants, so keep them high above.

Mosquitoes are drawn to Bromeliad plants. The water collected in the bowls of some Bromeliads can serve as a breeding site for mosquitos.

Tip: When growing them outside, use organic insect repellent. We sure do not want malaria or dengue!

Do not forget that the leaves of many Bromeliads are sharp or jagged. Thus, make sure to use a good pair of gloves when you handle Bromeliads.

Bromeliad Plant: Where to Buy?

If you don’t live near a Bromeliad garden or don’t know where to begin, we have put together a list of four amazing online sellers.

Please remember that, while it is simple to order plants over the internet and have them delivered to your doorstep, they will not thrive in every climate and living environment. 

ShopsDeliveryPrice Range
Bromeliad Paradise2 to 7 days after you place the order15 to 60 USD
Walmart2 to 7 days after you place the order20 to 60 USD
Grant's Farm Nursery2 to 7 days after you place the order30 to 60 USD
Tropiflora3 to 9 days after you place the order30 to 70 USD

Before buying your new Bromeliad plants, please review the growing instructions.


Houseplants have to be the pinnacle of interior design. Their effectiveness as air purifiers only keeps adding to their many upsides.

Therefore, consider adding a Bromeliad to your residence rather than purchasing a ridiculously priced artificial filtration system.

The outcomes will astound you. Don’t TRUST me; see for yourself and comment the findings!

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