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Naples Botanical Garden Reviews: Attractions, Costs and More

Why have a world tour if you can enjoy Tropical, Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Asian vibes at once in Naples Botanical Garden?

Naples Botanical Garden is located in Florida, occupying 170 acres with four major themed gardens, including Brazilian, Asian, Caribbean, and Scott Florida Garden. It offers you to explore nature, take pictures and attend workshops and education programs.

Altogether, you can visit 10 special gardens loaded with tropical and subtropical plants, including orchids, succulents, aquatic plants, etc.

If you are a first-time visitor to Naples Botanical Garden, this article will guide you with costs, highlights, and how to get there.

Quick info about Naples Botanical Garden

Naples Botanical Garden was founded in 1993 by a plant-lover group, and the first construction phase started in 2008.

Later, Scott Florida Garden, Buehler Enabling Garden, Garden Club of Naples Idea Garden, Lea Asian Garden, and the Water Garden were included in this garden.

naples botanical garden
Naples Botanical Garden is a collection of various gardens and collection of preserves.

The implementation of this garden was completed after the opening of the Chabraja Visitor Center, and the Scott Florida garden was redesigned in December 2016.

Today, more than 260,000 visitors experience the themed gardens with tropical and subtropical vibes.

Top Attractions & Features 

Naples Botanical Garden has a living collection of many rare plants that you find pressed and preserved in herbariums.

Special occasions like Johnsonville Night Lights dazzle the garden with thousands of lights around nature.

This botanical garden is a garden of gardens, including Kapnick Brazillian, Lea Asian, Kapnick Caribbean, and Scott Florida Garden.

Moreover, you can enjoy visiting Chabraja Visitor Center, with three incredible gardens: Irma’s Garden, Kathryn’s Garden, and LaGrippe Orchid Garden.

This lush garden also includes other attractions like water, children, and a butterfly garden so your children can enjoy the fullest.

Naples Botanical Garden includes a preserve with rare and native flora and fauna under the following garden divisions.

  1. Asian Garden: Exploration of Southeast Asian art, Javanese temple ruin, traditional kitchen gardens, a Thai pavilion, a water taxi stand and a lotus pool. The appearance of Bamboo, Cactus, and Bonsai Trees.
  2. Brazilian Garden: The winding, concrete pathway flanking the water. Growing of Hibiscus, Roses, Bromeliads, Cycas, and many more.
  3. Caribbean Garden: Ware Palm Collection. Residence of native plants of South and Central America with diverse Orchid varieties and fruits like Bananas, Mangoes, etc.
  4. Scott Florida Garden: Winding pathways, chickee huts and manmade waterfall, view of Preserve. Collection of Mediterranean plants like Lavender, Rosemary, Oleander, Mints, Chives, Jasmine, and many more.
Themed gardens in Naples Botanical garden
There are many themed gardens, including Children’s Garden.

This botanical garden covers 170 acres, including a preserve occupying 90 acres comprising lush vegetation, animals, and rare and endemic orchids.

The water garden will give you a delightful experience with its aquatic plants like lotus, lilies, and many more.

Things to Do at Naples Botanical Garden

Whether you are elderly or a child below 4, a nature lover or entertainer, you will enjoy your fullest in this dreamland with the following to-do list.

  • Explore various themed gardens and take pictures for memories. 
  • Expose your children to natural beauty and enhance their interaction skills in an outdoor environment. 
  • Attend workshops and education programs like propagation, orchid care, etc., to learn and enhance your gardening ability.
  • Visit Art exhibitions and have a traditional and cultural experience with open-air paintings of local and international artists.
  • Relax after long work days on weekends enjoying water features in the water garden.
  • Buy mementos, rare and exotic plants, and gardening tools.
  • Enjoy concerts and other activities like holiday light displays, camping, and easter egg hunts during easter. 
  • Involve in Guided tours of families, tourists, and scholars. 

Best Time to Visit Naples Botanical Garden

Naples Botanical Garden opens from 9 am to 5 pm daily if you are a visitor. However, if you show your membership card, you can enter after 8 am. 

The garden is closed during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas Days. You can enjoy visiting there any other day according to your choice.

If you want to avoid crowds, don’t visit the garden during holidays and special events.

For flower lovers, this garden offers varieties of wildflowers during spring.

Also, you can experience orchid blossoms during winter, aquatic blooms like lotus and lilies during summer, and colorful deciduous sheds during fall.

Costs to Visit Naples Botanical Garden

You can get discounts on tickets if you are a resident of Florida or military personnel. You must pay some additional charges for commercial photography and movie shooting.

CategoriesEntry fees
Children(Below 4 years)Free
Children(4-17 years)$10

Direction to Get Naples Botanical Garden

Naples Botanical Garden lies in Bayshore Arts District in  Naples, Florida, U.S. 

It is 30 miles North of Florida, and it takes only 10-15 minutes of ride from Southwest Florida International Airport to reach this Garden.

You can easily reach the garden in rental vehicles, buses, Uber, or taxis.

FAQs Regarding Naples Botanical Garden

1. Was Naples Botanical Garden damaged by Hurricane Ian?

This botanical garden lost many plant species, including 35-40 big trees, during the destroying Hurricane Ian.

2. How long does it take to walk through Naples Botanical Garden?

Although you can spend a day exploring the whole garden, it might take almost 2 hours to walk through it. 

3. How old is Naples Botanical Garden?

This botanical garden was founded 30 years ago, in 1993 and contains more than 50% of rare plant species.

From Editorial Team

Don’t miss this if you have dogs!

Remember that your dogs can enter Naples Botanical Garden except for the Children’s Garden, Berger shop, Kapnick Hall and Fogg Cafe from Monday to Tuesday.

However, admission fees cost $15 for visitors and are free of cost if you have a membership card.

Moreover, bring water bottles and snacks for your children and wear comfortable outfits for your convenience.