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Blue Meanies Mushroom: Life Saving + Exciting #Q&As

When we think about Blue Meanies Mushroom, it reminds us of illusions, hallucinations, and different psychedelic experiences.

Generally, Blue Meanies are striking wild Mushrooms with different psychedelic effects like mood enhancement, synesthesia, etc. However, excessive consumption may lead to serious side effects like anxiety, nausea, vomiting, etc.

Blue meanies do not refer to the particular Mushroom variety but the categorization of various psychedelic Mushrooms.

So, dive into this article to learn about Blue Meanies, their psychoactive effects, and the side effects of excessive consumption.

How Does Blue Meanies Mushroom Look Like?

As the name suggests, Blue Meanies are wild Mushrooms with blue or purple hues on the caps.

The bluish or purplish color is striking on the cap edges, and the caps are often tan or brown in color.

Moreover, this stunning Mushroom grows 2-6 inches long with cap size ranging from 0.2-3 inches.

When you slightly rub the cap, the bluish color becomes even clearer.

Blue Meanies mushrooms growing on grasses
Blue Meanies Mushrooms grow wild in moist areas.

Furthermore, the stem of Blue Meanies is long, slender, and whitish. They may also bear bluish or purplish hues upon maturity, especially on the base.

 However, the appearance depends upon the age, species, and environmental conditions of the growing area.

Upon maturity, the caps bear yellowish color, and the caps may also break down in dry conditions.

You can find this stunning flower like Mushroom in grassy, moist, and fertile areas in the forest of tropical and subtropical regions.

Is Blue Meanies Mushroom Edible?

Blue Meanies Mushroom is a wild variety, so people do not consume it for culinary purposes like other culinary Mushrooms.

Moreover, this Mushroom can be toxic with several side effects when you consume it in large amounts.

However, small doses are not toxic and contain the psychoactive compound psilocybin.

This psychedelic Mushroom has different psychological effects varying from person to person.

When you consume Blue Meanies Mushroom, you may experience hallucinations, mood enhancements, visual distortion, synesthesia, and many more.

Although a small dose is okay for humans, never allow your pets to ingest as it has highly toxic effects on pets.

Even a small consumption may result in serious gastrointestinal disorders, organ failure, and even death.

Other Side Effects Of Blue Meanies Mushroom

High consumption of Blue Meanies Mushrooms upon curiosity may have a negative effect on your body.

If you consume this Mushroom excessively, you may feel time distortion which is minute feeling like hours.

Eventually, you may feel increased anxiety, fear, mood swings, and other uncomfortable situations.

Blue Meanies mushroom dried
Your body will experience negative effects upon high consumption of Blue Meanies.

Moreover, the effects on the mind may also lead to physical tiredness, headache, and restlessness.

Additionally, you may also experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal disorders.

Furthermore, extreme hallucinations are not good for your mind and body. Also, it’s better to use this Mushroom in limited amounts to avoid potential risks.

Contact the pet poison helpline if you suspect your pets of eating this Mushroom.

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Are Blue Meanies Legal?

Blue Meanies has high psychoactive effects and acts as a drug, so it’s illegal to sell or use as medications in the US.

However, in some countries like the Netherlands, it’s legal to grow and consume this Mushroom, but it’s illegal to sell it.