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Black Tulips Meaning & Symbolism You Need To Know

Do you know the black tulip flowers were first cultivated in the seventeenth century in the Netherlands?
Generally, black tulips are the crossbreed of multiple tulips, ending up with varieties like Queen of Night, Black Beauty, etc. They have meaning and symbolism, including strength and power, mystery, a new beginning, etc.

If you want to learn about the meaning of black tulips in detail, keep reading this article. 

What Do Black Tulips Look Like? 

Black tulips are not a single type of distinct Tulip variety but multiple varieties in a group. Collectively, they are a deep, dark, almost black color. 

They grow in height, ranging from 18 inches to 30 inches as the plant, and produce flowers 3-6 inches in diameter. 

The flowers come in various shapes, such as single, double, parrot, and lily-flowered. Single tulips have one row of petals, while double ones have two or more. 

black tulips
Black tulips can survive in almost all climates.

Besides, parrot tulips boast frilly or ruffled petals, but the lily-flowered tulips display elongated petals curving outwards.

Black tulips bloom for up to two weeks with a mild, sweet fragrance. Some popular varieties of black tulips are Queen of Night, Black Beauty, Black Parrot, Paul Scherer, and Van Gogh. 

Meanings & Symbolism of Black Tulips

Common tulips have been grown for centuries, but black tulips came after Dutch Tulip Mania crossbred them. 

Black tulips are a rare crossbreed of multiple tulips. You can not find pure black tulips everywhere, but there are several mixtures of purple, dark wine red, and velvet maroon, which seem close to black. 

When it comes to meaning and symbolism, black tulips have a long chain of interpretations. 

Power and Strength

Black tulips are related to power and strength due to the difficulty of growing these flowers. Besides, they are also cold hardy flowers and long-lasting, referring to the symbol of power. 

New Beginnings and Rebirth

Generally, tulips are also associated with a new beginning and rebirth due to their bloom in the spring, which is the period of renewal and new growth.

Thanks to their dark and mysterious color, black tulips become the symbol of regeneration and transformation. 

Elegance and Mystery

The deep, dark, and velvety petals of black tulips suggest elegance and mystery, as well as a sense of intrigue and sophistication.

Black tulips also serve fashion and design to stimulate a sense of luxury and glamor.

Other Meanings and Symbolism

Besides the above, there are multiple meanings and symbolism of black tulips. 

  • Individuality and uniqueness
  • Intensity and depth
  • Passion and desire
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Suspense and unpredictability 

Black Tulips In Cultures

There are many works of art, literature, movies, and social media that feature the black tulips. 

One of the popular examples is The Black Tulip, the 1850 novel by Alexandre Dumas. In this novel, a black tulip has been portrayed as the symbol of forbidden love. 

Besides, the black tulip has been a perfume brand created by Yves Saint Laurent in 1993. At that time, the perfume became popular and has been one of the YSL’s most famous fragrances.

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The Best Substitutes for Black Tulips!

Because of rarity, it is hard to find black tulips everywhere, so you can get other flowers as substitutes with the same meanings.

You can, thus, use or grow other black flowers, including black dahlia, chocolate cosmos, purple lavender, etc.