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Black Diamond Watermelon Vs Regular Watermelon

If you cannot afford diamonds in real life, you can buy or grow black diamond watermelon. But you need to differentiate between black diamond watermelon vs regular watermelon. 

Generally, black diamond watermelon and regular watermelon are cultivars that fall under similar family, genus, and species. However, both are different in shape, size, appearance, price, taste, and nutrition availabilities.

Regular watermelons are the most common varieties that you can easily find in any commercial market. Meanwhile, you can only find black diamonds rarely in the common stores.

So, go through this complete article to know how and why rare black diamond differs from regular ones.

Black Diamond Watermelon & Regular Watermelon [Similarities]

Both black diamond and regular watermelon share a common family Cucurbitaceae. Also, they are from the same genus, Citrullus.

Black Diamond on left vs Regular watermelon on the right
Black diamond watermelon is darker than regular watermelon.

Moreover, both are cultivars of the same watermelon species Citrullus lanatus which includes several other watermelon cultivars.

  • Both cultivars prefer to thrive in a sunny location and grow well in hot summer months.
  • The fruit flesh of both watermelons is loaded with high water content.
  • You can see the red flesh in both varieties after you cut the fruits.
  • You can find similar sweet and juicy tastes in both varieties when you eat.
  • Moreover, both fruits can be great summer snacks, providing hydration and refreshment.
  • You can find seedless varieties of both regular and black diamond watermelons.
  • Also, you can use the juicy flesh of both varieties for juice, jelly, desserts, smoothies, and many other food items.
  • Black diamonds and regular watermelons are rich sources of water, vitamins, Lycopene, and potassium.
  • Both cultivars are susceptible to mealybugs, slugs, spider mites, etc., and fungal pathogens like powdery mildew.

It’s good to use pesticides, fungicides, and neem oil weekly as soon as you notice any pests or pathogens to save your fruits.

black diamond Watermelon Vs. Regular Watermelon [Differences]

Black diamond watermelons are the heirloom varieties that are basically larger than other regular watermelon varieties.

However, the nutrition, like vitamins, minerals, and lycopene, is generally higher than black diamond watermelon.

FeaturesBlack Diamond WatermelonRegular Watermelon
AppearenceDark green to black rindMedium green rind with patterns
SizeAbout 50 pounds, Bigger than regular WatermelonSmall than Black Diamond, weigh about 10-20 pounds
SeedsLesser seeds than regular WatermelonDark black seeds, Found more than Black Diamond
AvailabilityRare varietyWidely available
PriceExpensiveCheaper than Black Diamond
ShapeRound to ovalMore elongated than Black Diamond
FleshDark redPink to red

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Other Heirloom Varieties of Citrullus Lanatus!

Besides black diamonds and regular watermelons, you can find other Herrloom varieties like Sugar Baby, Moon, Stars, Crimson Sweet, Ice Box, Tender Sweet, etc.

These are the new varieties that fall under the same species and are expensive. However, the taste is very unique and sweeter than regular watermelons.