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Top 8 Untold Bird of Paradise Benefits

The Bird of Paradise has a dramatic look, mirroring a tropical bird in flight or the head of a crowned crane, suitable to be an ideal houseplant with an abundance of benefits.

Generally, Bird of Paradise serves indoor and outdoor aesthetic decor, purifies and soundproofs, makes a good Feng Shui plant and boosts humidity. Besides, the plant is also useful in alleviating allergies, relaxing the mind, and improving sleep. 

If you can care for Bird of Paradise well, it will grow and bloom quickly, reaching 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide. 

Thus, scroll down until the end to get in-depth knowledge about the benefits of Bird of Paradise. 

Interesting Benefits of Bird of Paradise

Interestingly, locals in the mountainous slope of Miahuatlan use the leaf of the Bird of Paradise to wrap the food. Keep steaming to get the list of benefits.

1. Aesthetic Value or Home Decor

The banana-like, oblong, paddle-shaped leaves of Bird of Paradise, along with the bloom, aid in beautifying your home.

bird of paradise
You can grow Bird of Paradise indoors and outdoors.

You can enjoy the orange and bluish petals of the flower after 3 to 4 years of planting during the spring and summer.

Meanwhile, the flowers are accompanied by a sheath, growing at a 90-degree to the peduncle, giving the bloom a most elegant look.

The Bird of Paradise can even go for landscaping in the frost-free tropics.

Especially, White Bird of Paradise makes a perfect filler for the empty corners or walls and, ultimately, room. 

2. Air Purification

A study from NASA states that indoor plants can absorb the VOCs pollutants in a closed room without cross ventilation.

And Bird of Paradise is no different, as the glossy, wide foliage can absorb formaldehyde and benzene from carpets, paints, and plastics.

Meanwhile, the leaves have a higher CO2 uptake rate because of the stomata count, given the leaf size and capacity to provide oxygen.

The leaves are stiff with a concave structure having slits on them, used to slow the drag of wind and prevent them from bending in half.

Moreover, Bird of Paradise can remove the bad odors and smells from indoors by adding a hyacinth fragrance.

3. Stress and Anxiety Alleviation 

Bird of Paradise can boost productivity and improve sleep, thanks to its oblong leaves and tall, fleshy stems with the ability to absorb sound waves to provide natural soundproofing.

Bird of Paradise Flower
Getting a bird of paradise plant is a win win as it is low maintenance and the flowers are strikingly beautiful.

Meanwhile, the plant leaves can release oxygen in higher amounts, allowing the brain to be enriched with oxygen all the time and relieve your anxiety.

Even looking at the colorful hues of the plant help to bring a smile to the face.

A Journal of Psychological Anthropology suggests that indoor plants are more related to benefits regarding mental relaxation and creating a good workplace.

4. Low-Maintenance

The major feature making Bird of Paradise the most lovable plant is its adaptability to a wide range of light intensity.

Either be it under bright sun or indoors under indirect bright light, the Bird of Paradise will not make a fuss about it.

Water the plant every 1-2 weeks and keep the surrounding around 60% humidity and 55°F-85°F temperature. 

Meanwhile, Bird of Paradise can thrive in a wide range of soil (5.5-7.5 pH) which is slightly acidic. You can feed them every two weeks only during the active growing season with a balanced fertilizer.
Also, they do not shed leaves in their entire life cycle, making them a great addition to the pool area and pet parents as they will not get a hold of the fallen leaves to chew upon.

Moreover, pest infestation is rare, decreasing the workload of pruning from your shoulder.

However, if you want to control the size of the plant, you can trim the plant twice a year. 

Besides, Bird of Paradise needs no repotting until 18-24 months!

5. UTI and STD Treatment

The therapeutic benefit of Bird of Paradise is yet to be verified scientifically. However, traditionally they have established themself as a medicinal cure.

People in South Africa use the roots and inflorescence of Bird of Paradise to treat Urinary Tract Infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Moreover, the Zulus crush the roots to make a brew that helps treat inflamed glands.

Meanwhile, a study proposed that the yellow Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia gilliesii), a cousin of Strelitzia reginae, shows anti-tumor properties because of the compound Cesalin. 

6. Feng Shui Plant

Feng Shui is an important aspect of filling your home with positive energy, and Bird of Paradise is on the top list plant for it.

For that, you need to place the plant according to the Bagua or Fengshui map, and you can choose an Eastern or Southeastern direction while placing a Bird of Paradise.

Avoid the center of the home and the corners of the front and back doors, as they are considered inauspicious.

However, you need to consider the plant care well, as the Southern direction receives the most sunlight and can cause scorch in the leaves.

bird of paradise in greenhouse
Placing Bird of Paradise in the living room helps boost the optimistic atmosphere.

So try to balance the light and humidity with Fengshui while placing the Bird of Paradise.

7. Cultural Significance

Bird of Paradise comes in colorful hues, each having different significant meanings.

Here, the blue Bird of Paradise represents wisdom, the orange represents emotional healing and positivity, and the white belongs to innocence and peace.

Entirely the Bird of Paradise associates success, faithfulness, thoughtfulness and love.

So you can gift Bird of Paradise for any occasion, either Valentine’s Day, a marriage ceremony, a job promotion or graduation.

8. Boost humidity

The wide green leaves of Bird of Paradise undergo a higher transpiration rate indoors, helping to boost the atmospheric humidity.

As soon as you mist the plant regularly, your Bird of Paradise is sure to release the moisture back into the air.

Doing so helps maintain the atmosphere’s relative humidity within 30-60%, with the Bird of Paradise a major booster.

So do not forget to water them if you wish to enjoy moist air and prevent yourself from the attack of airborne diseases that tend to survive in dry, cool air.

Health Considerations to keep in mind

According to ASPCA, the seeds and fruit of Strelitzia reginae are mildly toxic to humans and pets like dogs, cats, and horses.

The major toxic principle is Hydrocyanic acid, famously known as a Gastrointestinal irritant found mainly in the leaves, while tannins in the flowers are responsible for discomfort in the stomach.

You can notice the symptoms like vomiting, nauseous, drowsiness, oral irritation, excessive salivation, diarrhea, and dysphagia due to inhalation.

So run to contact the emergency helplines if the situation worsens.

Where to Buy Bird of Paradise? 

After understanding the benefits, you can look for sites to buy Bird of Paradise.

Stores to buyDelivery Time
Amazon3-5 business days
Etsy3-4 business days
Garden Goods1-5 business days
The Sill3-4 business days

You can even go for propagating Bird of Paradise from seeds and division if you already have one.

Final Thought

Bird of Paradise is a great and easy-to-manage plant, providing a tropical ambiance indoors and outdoors of your house.

The large leaves extending up to 28 inches and having a life span of 50-150 years attract plant lovers to bring the Bird of Paradise home.

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