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5 Best Self Watering African Violet Pot [2024 Updated]

African violet withers down and turns yellow when overwatered, so aim for a self watering pot that avoids such issues.

The self watering pot uses capillary action to fetch water to the plant from the water reservoir, and by doing so, they avoid overwatering African violet. They generally have two pots to store water and potting mix with plants. Depending on the product material, the working principle can vary.

Thus, read on to find out the best self watering pot specifically for African violet and a few things to consider before buying one.

Do Self Watering Pots Really Work?

Although self watering pots do not water the plants like you would expect them to work, yet they can keep the plant hydrated.

So, technically, self watering pots work and maintain proper moisture balance in the soil.

They consistently provide the soil with water, ensuring it stays moist without making it soggy.

Furthermore, they work like a Camel and have water reservoirs that store water at the bottom of the pots that is enough for about two weeks.

Via capillary action, they transport water to the plant from the reservoir in correspondence with the water absorption rate via roots.

Henceforth, self watering pot distributes the stored water whenever your African violet gets thirsty.

Are Self Watering Pots Good for African Violet?

Self watering pots are a great way to keep African violets as they can keep African violets hydrated without causing overwatering issues.

Overwatering can cause the untimely demise of the African violets, so you can escape that by utilizing self-watering pots.

Furthermore, such pots can free you from the hassle of checking the time for watering African violets.

Besides that, African violet featured with self watering pots is less likely to develop overwatering-borne fungal diseases.

Self Watering Pots Buying Guide for African Violet

Several self watering pots in the market offer a wide range of features alongside primary benefits.

Furthermore, many colors and shapes of pots are available to suit your taste.

But it is the material quality and durability you must consider before choosing one for African violets.

1. Best Material for Self Watering Pots for African Violet

Although clay pots are ideal for many houseplants, they are the least preferred ones for African violets.

It is because clay pots dry out significantly faster than ceramic and plastic pots. Thus, self watering pots made of plastic and ceramic are ideal for African violets.

Furthermore, plastic pots are of economic value and reduce the risk of damage and breakage.

Meanwhile, the ceramic pots look pleasing with their glistened body in various colors.

Another good utility factor is that the ceramic pots balance the plant’s moisture level even when overwatered sometimes.

2. Water Reservoir

Most of the self watering pots gave reservoirs to store water and slowly let the plant absorb it per need.

Thus, depending on the size of your African violets, choose a large enough pot to sustain your plant’s watering needs for longer without causing stagnant water.

Large ones generally have a 5-gallon reservoir, while small ones have 1-gallon or less.

Aim for larger pots if your African violet is mature and big. Else use smaller ones for younger ones.

3. Drainage Holes

Most self watering pots do not feature drainage holes, as they barely release water in larger amounts.

However, you can drill one with plugged drainage holes to open and close them as needed.

Remember, a properly functioning self watering pot does not cause overwatering and does not need to drain holes.

4. Dimension & Versatility of the Pot

Depending on the size of the plant, you need to choose the best-fitting, versatile self watering pot.

Young plants with small, juvenile roots must be provided with small pots. Meanwhile, it would be best if you aimed for bigger pots for adult, large African violets.

Nonetheless, ensure the pot has enough room for the plant roots to grow without causing rootbound.

Likewise, it would be best to buy self-watering pots that flawlessly work in indoor and outdoor environments.

Generally, pots with drain holes are best suited as they are flexible enough to go indoors and outdoors.

Remember, if you keep them outdoors, they must have drain holes, as they can accumulate excess water from rainfall.

How To Use a Self Watering Pot for African Violet?

The product guideline can vary depending on the type of the self watering pot. Thus, check the product label for ideal guidance.

In general, self watering pots consist of two different pots: inner and outer pots.

Using a fresh potting mix, you need to plant the African violet into the inner pot. After planting the plant, you can place the outer pot.

Fill the space between the pots with water for about half the pot height.

Ensure none of the leaves touch any sides of the pot to avoid potential rotting.

5 Best Self Watering Pots for African Violet [2024 Updated]

Let me roll you down through the five best self watering pots for an African violet.

1. T4U Self-Watering Plant Pot

T4U contains two layers of pots where you can find colors in the outer one white, black, or blue.

Meanwhile, the inner black container with a drainage plate has an inverted test tube at the corner of the basket.

The level indicates when and how much water your African Violets require.

Product Specification

Soil Volume13.5oz
Dimensions5.5"D x 5.5"W x 4.75"H
Where to Buy?Amazon, Ebay
T4U Self Watering Pot
T4U Self Watering Pot


  • Water level indicator
  • Removable plant liner
  • Durable material and does not rust away


  • Not recommended for hydroponics
  • No instruction manual is included with the product.

2. FENGZHITAO Self-Watering Planter Pot

The FENGZHITAO name contributes to the feng shui term, beautifying your surroundings. The pots are beautiful, sleek, and good-sized.

Interestingly they offer transparent pots that allow the visibility of the water level inside the pot.

Product Specification

Dimensions3.94"D x 4.92"W x 4.92"H
Where to Buy?Amazon, Ebay
transparent Self Watering Pots for african violet
FENGZHITAO Self-Watering Planter Pot


  • Aesthetic transparent design allowing to see the water level
  • Particular port for water injection and does not allow insect breeding
  • Durable and is made up of nontoxic national standard PP resin material


  • Does not hide algae growth and can increase the hassle of cleaning frequently
  • No instruction or user manual included with the product

3. Mkono Self-Watering Planter Pot

With a minimalistic yet sophisticated design, the Mkono pot offers a wide range of sizes to fit your African Violet per need.

The plastic material of the pot helps avoid breaking it faster and is adaptable to indoor and outdoor environments.

Product Specification

ColorBlack and White
Dimensions5.2"D x 5.2"W x 5.4"H
Where to Buy?Amazon, Sears
Mkono Self watering planter pot
Mkono Self watering planter pot


  • Lightweight, durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Uses cotton wick rope to provide controlled water to the plant
  • Aesthetic design
  • Relatively low maintenance


  • Cotton rope can host algae and turns slimy when the pot is exposed to light
  • No indicator to tell the water level threshold

4. Ceramic Self-Watering Planters

With beautiful shiny blue glaze, ceramic planters ensure your African violets are hydrated without causing overwatering.

In ceramic self watering pots, the base of the inner pot is unglazed, and it soaks water in via capillary action through its pores.

Product Specification

ColorPainted Gray or Brown
Dimensions6.75"D x 6.75"W x 4.5"H
Where to Buy?Amazon, Sears
ceramic granite self watering pot
Ceramic Self Watering Planters


  • Allows systematic fertilization without much of a hassle
  • Does not cause overwatering or waterlogging issues
  • Aesthetic design that blends in with any interior decor
  • Securely stores water without any leakage problem


  • Efficiency drops under humid or wet conditions
  • Relatively expensive
  • Fragile and needs extra attention during repot

5. TVP Pottery Urn-Shaped Self-Watering Planter

If you are looking for a visually pleasing pot that supports self watering to your African violet, then it is the one.

It is a firm-looking pot with a thick, glazed, glossy green outer layer that prevents water seepage.

Product Specification

ColorGlossy Green
Dimensions6"D x 6"W x 5"H
Where to Buy?Amazon, Maryland China
ceramic self watering pot
TVP Pottery Urn-Shaped Self Watering Planter


  • Sturdy and provides ample room for your African violet to grow
  • Beautiful design
  • Does not cause overwatering issues


  • Newer versions of the pot do not feature drain holes
  • Performance drops during wet or humid conditions

Things to Remember While Using Self-Watering Pots

Here are a few things to remember so you can efficiently grab all benefits of self watering pots.

  • Check the water level weekly, and do not add excess water
  • Do not allow the pot to dry out completely to avoid yellowing leaves
  • Add well-aged composts rather than liquid or time-release fertilizers
  • Ensure to use clean, chemical-free distilled or rainwater
  • Regularly clean the pot to avoid algae or fungi growth
  • Aim to repot the African violet outgrows the current ones
  • Move in the outdoor pots if temperatures drop too low, as freezing water can break pots

Final Thoughts!

Self watering pot is a fail-safe method to keep your African violet hydrated so they can flawlessly grow.

But remember to check the pot regularly if the surrounding is relatively wet and humid. Also, aim for the best pots suitable for African violets.

All The Best!

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