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Are White Tomatoes Good? [Separating Fact From Fiction]

Do you know White Tomatoes offer a similar taste to Guava and Pineapple with rich sweet, and citrusy flavors when added to sandwiches and salsas?

Generally, White Tomatoes are indeterminate heirloom types famous as one of the sweetest Tomatoes with extra smooth bruise-free skin, aiding in nourishing your dishes with the same nutritional value as that Red Cherry Tomatoes with about 25 calories per 3-inch diameter fruit.

The diet filled with White Tomatoes offers benefits in healing skin and UV rays protection. So stay with the article to know the goodness of White Tomatoes.

Are White Tomatoes Natural?

White Tomatoes were famous in the 1800s to 1900s, but later they vanished into thin air, making them extinct and having a rarity tag.

However, recently the seeds of White Tomatoes were rediscovered to produce heirloom seeds and grow them by open pollination.

The White Tomato with a slightly creamy to yellowish skin, like Great White and White Tomesol, is natural, while variety, like Chef’s Choice White, is an F1 hybrid.
White Tomatoes are hanging by the vine
The vine of the White Tomato can extend up to 8 feet with a single fruit weighing around 1-2 pounds.

Below is the list of White heirloom Tomato varieties from natural sources (seeds) that reproduce the next generation continuing the same quality.

  • Cream Sausage
  • Duggin White
  • Ivory Egg
  • White Wonder
  • Mikado White
  • Snowberry
  • White Queen
  • Snow White
  • White Wax

Get others from the White Tomato varieties.

Are White Tomatoes Good To Eat?

The White Tomato is not much different than the Red and Yellow ones except for the difference in the amount of the pigment called Lycopene.

The higher the ratio of Lycopene and beta-carotene, the reddish the fruits will be, while the higher the presence of colorless carotenoids like phytoene and phytofluene whiter will be the fruit.

White Tomato is best for those who loathe the acidic, tangy flavor, as it has a mild taste, making it an excellent choice to eat raw.

Most White Tomato lovers have said that the variety tastes like melon or guava, which are crispy and has a sweet fruity flavor with a low acid taste.

You can also use the White Tomato for various salads and salsa recipes or make spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, or lasagna by using it as an ingredient.

One of the people’s favorite recipes from White Tomato is the Italian salad prepared by using chopped Tomato, cucumber, onion, fresh herb, olive oil and vinegar.

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Tips and Tricks!

Since the White Tomato contains carotenoids, consuming it regularly helps you benefit from pigment reduction and skin whitening.

If you do not have a garden filled with White Tomatoes, reach out to a supplement prepared using the White Tomato extract.