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Apple On Mango Tree: Really? How To Grow It?

Do you know you can grow fruits with a combination of crispy, tart apple, and juicy mango on a single tree? Surprisingly, it’s possible.

Generally, a Mango Apple is a hybrid fruit that grows on a Mango tree after grafting it with an Apple Scion. However, growing this fruit is difficult, time-consuming, and not always successful.

Also, some Mango varieties do not fit for grafting with every Apple variety. 

So, go through this complete article to learn about the interesting Mango Apple fruits and tips to graft the two common plants to get these fruits.

What Is Mango Apple?

The Mango Apple is a hybrid fruit that grows on a mango tree after you graft an apple branch on the Mango tree.

This amazing idea may result in a unique fruit with both mango and apple flavors.

Basically, Mango has a  sweet, tropical, and acidic taste, and you can feel a tart and sour flavor when you taste Apple.

Mango Apple fruits
Mango Apple has combined flavors of Mango and Apple.

So, Mango Apple tastes like a mix of Mango and Apple flavors. It can be sweet, tart, and sour with tropical vibes.

However, this fruit is not a natural occurrence. Thus, it is totally different from the two natural fruits, Mango and Apple.

Moreover, the Mango Apple tree grows comparatively slower and produces smaller fruits than the natural Mango and Apple.

How To Grow Mango Apple Tree?

It is very difficult to grow Mango Apple trees as they are totally different varieties. Moreover, the growing conditions are also different in both varieties.

However, the process is not impossible, and if you do it right, you can enjoy the uniquely delicious fruits. But, the growing process is merely successful.

  • Choose the rootstock of the Mango tree and the scion of the Apple branch in a way that they fit perfectly with each other.
  • Make a clean cut on the Mango tree branch to fit an Apple scion on it for grafting.
  • After you insert the Apple scion into the Mango branch, you must fix the apple branch using rubber or grafting tapes.
  • Ensure the Apple branch is properly healed, or apply pruning sealer to heal easily. If the branch does not heal properly, it will be susceptible to pests and pathogens.
  • Also, maintain a warm and humid environment until the Apple branch starts to settle.
  • Once the branch becomes secure, remove the grafting tape.

Once the Apple branch starts to grow, ensure to keep safe from pests and pathogens by using neem oil. Chemical insecticides and pesticides may be harmful to newly growing Apple branches.

Is Mango Apple Beneficial For Harvest?

Growing Mango Apple is not as easy as growing Apple or Mango. Moreover, this time-consuming process may not always be successful.

Additionally, it can be difficult for the Apple branch to grow on the rootstock compared to the soil.

Mango and Apples vary in their growing conditions. Apple requires cold conditions, whereas Mango grows best in tropical climates.

Moreover, the nutrient requirements are also different. The Mango tree grows very fast, unlike the slow-growing Apple branch. 

Slowly, the difference causes the Apple branch to die. Even if the branches give fruits, they may grow smaller in lower quantities.

Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will harvest sweet fruits. This process is not cost-effective either.

The harvesting time can be very long compared to naturally occurring fruits. You can harvest Mangoes and Apples faster than Mango Apple.

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Is Growing Mango Apple Tree Worth It?

If you want to grow Mango Apples for commercial purposes, you must look after the demands first. It’s because the growing process is very expensive and time-consuming.

However, if you want it for personal use, graft it with the varieties that have the taste of your preferences. But, it can be a good idea to graft these two for taste experimentation.