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Apollo Vs Carolina Reaper: Everything You Need To Know

Carolina Reaper was the Hottest chilly pepper in the world in 2013, but at present, Apollo is likely to win the spicy throne due to its extreme hotness.

Generally, Apollo and Carolina Reaper are extremely hot peppers that have come under the top 10 hottest chilies in the world. However, both are different in appearance, flavor, popularity, culinary use, breed, etc.

Both peppers are difficult to grow and are not widely available in the market like regular chilies. If you find them, you have to pay a higher price than other chilies.

So, go through this entire article to learn about the potential difference between two extremely hot chilies, Apollo and Carolina Reaper.

Apollo Vs. Carolina Reaper [Similarities]

Both Apollo and Carolina Reaper belong to the same family, Solanaceae, as both are chilies. Both are extremely hot peppers popular for long-lasting heating sensation.

Apollo on the left vs Carolina Reaper on the right
Apollo has a longer tail compared to the Carolina Reaper.

Additionally, both peppers have Scoville Heat Units exceeding 2 million. 

  • Both peppers come under the top 10 hottest peppers in the world.
  • The size of both chillis ranges between 1-3 inches long with orange or red skin and bumpy surface.
  • Moreover, these chilies have a combined earthy, sweet, and spicy taste.
  • Both peppers are hybrids from the hottest chilies.
  • Both are rare varieties of chilies not widely available in the market.
  • You can use both varieties in sauces, salsas, marinades, and other varieties.
  • Also, it’s not good to eat these chilies alone. Using them sparingly can enhance the taste of your dishes.
  • Both chilies are for those who seek extreme hotness. So, these chilies are perfect for challenges and competitions.
  • You can use both chilies as insecticides, pesticides, and in self-defense.

Apollo Vs. Carolina Reaper [Differences]

The main difference between Carolina Reaper and Apollo Pepper is the high heat level in Apollo.

Carolina Reaper has SHU ratings of 2.2 million. Meanwhile, the SHU rating of Apollo exceeds 3 million. 

Additionally, Carolina Pepper is native to the USA, but Apollo originated in the UK. 

1. Appearance

Although Apollo and Carolina Reaper bear similar appearances, you can find Apollo in many colors like orange, red, and sometimes purple.

In contrast, Carolina Reaper is mostly red in color, and some varieties may also bear an orange coating.

Additionally, You can find the long tail in Apollo Chilly, which is generally lacking in Carolina Reaper.

Also, Carolina Reaper is slightly larger than Apollo due to its bulbous appearance.

2. Flavor

The flavor of Apollo Chilly is less complex than Carolina Reaper. You can feel sweetness, earthiness, spiciness, and fruity flavor.

Although the spiciness lasts longer in Apollo, you can find more hotness and earthiness than a sweet, fruity taste in Carolina Reaper.

3. Popularity

As Apollo Chilly is a newer hybrid, this pepper is less popular than Carolina Reaper.

Carolina Reaper won the Guinness World Record as “World’s Hottest Pepper” in 2013. However, Apollo was born in 2023 and recently competed for this title. 

4. Culinary Use

Although Apollo Chilly has a higher SHU than Carolina Reaper, they are fit for different taste buds. If you want an extremely spicy feeling with a smoky flavor in your dish, you can use Carolina Reaper.

Meanwhile, Apollo is fit for dishes that taste great with sweet and spicy flavors. You can use Apollo to make hot and sweet sauces.

5. Breed

Apollo is the hottest hybrid from the two hottest chilies, Carolina Reaper and Pepper X, who competed with each other for their hotness.

Meanwhile, Carolina Reaper is a hybrid of Ghost Pepper and Red Habanero. This is the reason why the flavor in Carolina Reaper is more complex than Apollo Chilly.

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Additional Tips!

Always use thick gloves while handling both chilies, as the hotness in the oil of both peppers can cause long-lasting hotness and can irritate your hands.

Also, use the chilies sparingly first and add them according to your spice tolerance. Adding too many chilies at once can hamper your health due to extreme capsaicin.