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Annabelle Hydrangea Vs Limelight: [Blooming Comparison]

It’s challenging to understand Annabelle Hydrangea vs Limelight as both are popular look-alike cultivars of Hydrangea.

Generally, Annabelle and Limelight are similar Hydrangea varieties sharing a common family and genus. However, both varieties differ in bloom and leaf appearance, plant size, growth habit, fall color, and pruning response.

Although both varieties are perfect for your landscape, Annabelle Hydrangea needs minimal maintenance than Limelight Hydrangea.

So, dig into this article to compare the features of Annabelle and Limelight Hydrangea and add the best one to your garden.

Annabelle Hydrangea Vs Limelight [Similarities]

Both Annabelle and Limelight Hydrangea bear beautiful blooms and can be the perfect choice for your garden.

Annabelle Hydrangea on the left and Limelight Hydrangea on right
Blossoms in Annabelle hydrangea are white, whereas Limelight gives vibrant pink and white blossoms.

Moreover, both varieties are from the same family Hydrangeaceae and share a common genus Hydrangea.

  • Annabelle and Limelight Hydrangea bloom in clusters with dense flower heads during summer.
  • Moreover, both varieties produce white flowers.
  • Both are deciduous shrubs that thrive best in USDA zone 3-9.
  • Limelight and Annabelle Hydrangea cannot tolerate excessive sunlight and prefer partial to full shade.
  • The ability to tolerate cold temperatures is similar in both varieties.
  • If you prune both varieties in late winter, lush growth with excessive flowering will occur in both.
  • You can use both Anabelle and Limelight Hydrangea in a similar landscape or on big Terracotta pots.

These similar Hydrangea varieties allure your garden with their stunning beauty and attract various pollinators like bees, butterflies, etc.

Annabelle Hydrangea Vs Limelight [Differences]

Although Anabelle and Limelight are summer-blooming varieties, Anabelle ends its flowering time in mid-summer.

In contrast, Limelight Hydrangea starts to bloom in mid-summer and produces its flowers till the fall. 

Blooms Color: White
Shape: Spherical Clusters
Color: White to Pink
Shape: Conical Clusters
LeavesSize: 3-5 inches long, 2-3 inches wide
Shape: Oval to heart shaped
Texture: Smooth and glossy
Size: 2-4 inches long, 1-2 inches wide
Shape: More Elongated
Texture: Slightly rough
Plant Size3-6 feet tall6-8 feet tall
Growth HabitRounded and bushyUpright and archy
Pruning ResponseReduced blooms in heavy pruningBlooms won't be affected from heavy pruning
Fall colorYellow to goldOrange to red
Stem StrengthStrong enough to support flower clustersNeed stakes for support

The spherical flower clusters in Annabelle Hydrangea play a great role in enhancing the elegance of your landscape.

Numerous small flowers in the clusters give a lush appearance, just like white cotton candy.

Meanwhile, the conical clusters in Limelight Hydrangea give a bold appearance. The beauty rises more when the fall appears.

The white blossoms turn pink and gradually start to change into purple and burgundy colors in the fall.

However, deadhead the spent flowers regularly to encourage the flowering in Limelight and Annabelle Hydrangea.

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Annabelle Hydrangea Vs Limelight: What To Choose?

If you have a small living space in harsh winter or want your Hydrangea to bloom earlier, choosing Annabelle Hydrangea will be perfect.

However, if you want a splash of colors in your garden, better choose Limelight Hydrangea, as it blooms change green to white and pink.