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Alocasia Ninja Vs Black Velvet: Which Plant To Choose?

Alocasia ninja and black velvet are two similar-looking plants with some distinguishing characteristics.

Generally, Alocasia ninja and black velvet are two varieties of the same genus, Alocasia, and share some similarities with each other, such as foliage, lighting, moisture, and dormancy. However, these two plants vary in plant size, flowers, and care requirements.
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Alocasia Ninja And Black Velvet: Similarities

Both Alocasia ninja and black velvet belong to the same genus, Alocasia, and share many similarities.

  • Genus: Alocasia ninja and Black velvet both belong to the same genus, Alocasia, and are known for their striking foliage.
  • Foliage: Both varieties have dark, velvety leaves that are deep green to slightly black in color.
Alocasia ninja and Alocasia Black Velvet
Both Alocasia Ninja and Black Velvet are toxic, and you should seek immediate medical attention after their accidental consumption.
  • Indoor plants: They both are cultivated as indoor plants and are trendy for their astonishingly gorgeous leaves.
  • Lighting: You can furnish both of them with bright, indirect light, and they can still grow in low light conditions.
  • Moisture: Both plants require consistent moisture and benefit from regular watering.
  • Rhizomatous growth: Both varieties can grow from rhizomes and produce offsets over time.
  • Dormancy: They both go through dormancy in winter and may lose some leaves. But, adequate care can revive them.

Alocasia Ninja Vs Black Velvet: Differences

Alocasia ninja and black velvet are two different Alocasia varieties with unique characteristics.

1. Plant Size

The Alocasia ninja is comparatively smaller in size than the Black Velvet.

Alocasia ninja reaches up to 1-2 feet in height, while Black velvet is slightly larger and reaches up to 2-3 feet in height.

Additionally, Alocasia ninja spreads a width of about 12-18 inches. But, the width of Black velvet is slightly broader and spreads at a width of 12-24 inches.

Similarly, the leaves of Alocasia ninja are comparatively smaller than other Alocasia varieties and are usually 6-10 inches long.

However, the leaves of Alocasia black velvet measure around 8-12 inches.

2. Stems and Flowers

The stem color of the Alocasia ninja is green, aligning with the color of the leaves.

Whereas the stem color of black velvet is also green but darker than the leaf color of Alocasia ninja.

Moreover, the stems of Alocasia ninja are slender and can appear unnoticeable due to their similarities with the leaves.

But Black velvet bears stems with a velvety texture.

Additionally, the flowers of both plants are tiny and often white or greenish-colored blooms.

The Peduncle of Alocasia Ninja is slightly thicker than the peduncle of Alocasia Black Velvet.

3. Care Requirements

Although Alocasia Ninja and Alocasia Black Velvet belong to the same genus, Alocasia, they possess some differences in care requirements.

  • Light requirement: Alocasia ninja prefers bright, indirect light, whereas Alocasia black velvet thrives well in lower light conditions.
  • Soil and potting mix: A well-draining potting mix with organic matter such as coco coir and perlite is suitable for Alocasia ninja, while Alocasia black velvet needs soil with good aeration and mixed with orchid bark.
  • Watering: Alocasia ninja requires moderately moist soil devoid of waterlogged conditions, consistently providing Alocasia black velvet.
  • Temperature: Alocasia ninja is favored by a warm temperature of about 60-85°F, while Alocasia black velvet needs a temperature of 55°F.

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Both Alocasia Ninja and Black Velvet are as toxic to humans and pets as other Alocasia species.

Moreover, their consumption results in short-term effects such as Nausea, Vomiting, Oral irritation, and skin irritation.