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Wooly Neptune Mushroom [Bob’s Burger Plant Comes Live?]

Do not believe that if Bob’s Burger fans tell you to go on a quest to find some real Wooly Neptune Mushroom, you might be dragging yourself into trouble.

The mushroom actually doesn’t exist in real and is merely a fictional character of the animated series. While many try matching every blue Mushrooms species with the Wooly Neptune, there is no match as of now. 

Follow along to learn in detail about the mystery behind the never seen and barely-heard Mushroom variety. 

Is The Wooly Neptune Mushroom Real?

Wooly Neptune Mushroom is not a new name for the American animated sitcom Bob’s Burger audience.

And for the rest, who randomly landed here following viral trends, they are a creation of the writers of the series rather than being actual Mushrooms.

Well, yes, Wooly Neptune Mushrooms are not real but a fictional Mushroom featured in the Bob’s Burgers episode “Boys Just Wanna Have Fungus.”

In the episode, the Mushroom is visualized as the rare type that has a wooly greenish-blue cap.

An oil painting of a bob's Burger mushroom scene.
Bob had a hard time finding these Mushrooms.

Further, it has an off-venter stem and velvety blue gills, making it among the most exotic and expensive varieties of mushrooms that entice Bob to have it on his menu.

Meanwhile, the entire second episode of season 10 of the series revolves around Bob’s journey to get these animated Mushrooms. 

Where Does The Wooly Neptune Mushroom Grow?

Since the Wooly Neptune Mushroom is a fictional character, it doesn’t grow anywhere in the real world.

But in the episode, the Mushroom grew in low, damp valleys and gullies surrounded by Jasper Trees. Unfortunately, no real mushroom fits these growing conditions and appearance perfectly.

The closest real Mushroom to the Wooly Neptune is Lactaruis indigo, an agaric fungus belonging to the Russulacea family. 

a munch of blue mushroom resembling a Wooly Neptune Mushroom popping.
Not every blue Mushroom popping in the wild is safe.

Commonly known as the Indigo Milky Cap, they have a striking blue color with a bright blue cap and stem. The cap is typically 2-4 inches in diameter and similar to the stem’s length. 

However, unlike the Wooly Neptune mushroom, the Indigo Milk Cap grows in coniferous forests, which are not as low or moist. 

They are native to the eastern part of North America, East Asia, and Central America. While in the U.S., they are most common from Zone 5 to Zone 8.

Is Wooly Neptune Mushroom Edible?

The only source of reference about the edibility of Wooly Neptune Mushroon for us is the Bob’s Burger series. 

According to the second episode, Bob was able to get the Wooly Neptune Mushroom back to his place and use it in his new Burger of the Day. Had it not been edible, Bob would have never hustled to get these rare Mushrooms.

Further, the Wooly Neptune Mushroom burger, which he named ‘Hunt for Red Onion-tober Burger,’ was a big hit. 

Moreover, Bob, Gene, and Linda put their blood and sweat into the Mushroom expedition. This explains how tasty, flavorful, and nutritious the Wooly Neptune Mushrooms would be if it were real. 

Although unable to have a bite of the fictional Mushroom, you can order its figurative online. You also have the crocheted keyrings and stickers as well. 

Or, its look-alike, Lactarius indigo, could help suffice our taste bud’s cravings. 

Indigo Milk Cap has a similar earthy and umami taste to a Portobello Mushroom and falls under the edible category when cooked properly. 

However, the only concern is identifying them correctly, as it also has some Doppler gangs.

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Be Aware Of Fake Trends!

Now that you are aware of the existence of the Wooly Neptune do not follow any online trends and start wondering about its search. 

You might come across some bluish fungus in the wild, but not every mushroom is edible. We do not recommend you try any Mushroom without professional help for its identification.