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Wiliwili Seeds: Unlocking the Astonishing Uses and Benefits

Do you know the Wiliwili tree has a Hawaiian meaning, i.e., repeatedly twisted or twist-twist, signifying the twisting nature of seedpods to expose their seeds?

The Wiliwili tree seeds are popularly used to make Hawaiian Leis, a colorful garland symbolizing honor and greeting. Also, the seeds have traditional medicinal usage in Hawaiian tribes as a cure for skin disorders, digestive problems, etc.

Thus, ensure to read till the end so you know the complete plant profile of the Wiliwili tree alongside its various seed use.

Plant Overview: Wiliwili Tree Seeds

A Pea family member, the Wiliwili (Erythrina sandwicensis) tree, is a deciduous species endemic to the Hawaiian Islands.

With a moderately fast growth rate, they can grow over 25-35 feet tall with a spread of 20-25 feet.

The tree actively unfurls unique foliage, each consisting of three leaflets of length three inches, in late spring to summer.

wiliwili seeds leis
To this day, the Wiliwili tree seed is popularly used to prepare beautiful Hawaiian Leis.

Once all the leaves fall down, i.e., late summer or early fall, the Wiliwili tree starts to bloom with showy clusters of claw-shaped flowers.

Each flower is an inch or two long and often appears in red, light green, yellow or white colors.

After successful pollination, the Wiliwili tree produces long, oval-shaped 1-2 inches long seeds that you can use for propagation later.

The hard shell bright red Wiliwili seeds stay viable for over a year, so you can use them any time later with proper storage.

Benefits and Use of Wiliwili Tree Seeds

Wiliwili trees are famous for their landscape decoration usage thanks to their showy flowers and foliage.

Furthermore, the tree features lightweight, high-strength wood, making them ideal for building purposes.

Besides that, Wiliwili seeds are also very beneficial and have a long history of traditional use in Hawaii.

Alongside the colorful flowers, the Wiliwili seed is used to prepare beautiful Leis, Hawaiian garlands that symbolize love, companionship, celebration and greeting.

Likewise, the ancient Hawaiian people used Wiliwili seeds as medicine to utilize their anti-inflammatory properties.

Furthermore, seeds are used to prepare extracts that cure skin diseases like Aloe vera and help with digestive issues.

That said, all use of Wiliwili seeds is traditional and limited to the Hawaiian tribes only.

Moreso, there is very limited research on their medicinal properties, do not use them without any professional guidance.

Editor’s Note

Beware of False Wiliwili Tree Seed Online!

If you are thinking of growing the true endemic Wiliwili trees in your backyard, do not fall for the false Wiliwili tree.

They are completely different plant species that go by the name Red Bead tree.

However, contrary to the hard, challenging germination of the Wiliwili tree seed, the false one has simpler germination.

All The Best!