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White Potatoes Vs Yukon Gold [Potato Showdown]

The ultimate showdown of White Potatoes vs Yukon Gold becomes useful when you are in a dilemma to prepare Potato dishes for Thanksgiving.

You can differentiate White Potatoes vs. Yukon Gold by looking at their flesh colors, textures, and tastes. White Potatoes have white flesh with a waxy texture, while Yukon Gold has yellowish flesh with a creamy texture.

These two Potato species share distinct flesh taste and texture, but their uses also greatly vary. So, read on till the end to unveil all differences.

Are White Potatoes the Same as Yukon Gold?

No! White Potatoes are not the same as Yukon Gold but are two different popular Potato varieties. However, they both share some similar traits.

Furthermore, Yukon Gold is a cross of White and Yellow Potatoes, making them more similar.

The foliage of both Potatoes looks identical as they belong to the Nightshade plant family.

Meanwhile, the flowers of these two Potatoes are also the same. They produce five-petaled vibrant flowers.

yukon gold potatoes
Did you know Yukon Gold Potato is named after the Yukon River in Canada?

In addition to identical growth patterns, the planting season and harvesting time are also the same for these two Potato species.

You can plan to plant these two varieties in Spring and harvest them during late summer.

Consequently, they also share similar growing conditions. These Potatoes grow and thrive well in well-draining soil with full sun.

White Potatoes Vs Yukon Gold: The Difference

Although they may look similar from the outside, white Potatoes and Yukon Gold have distinct fleshes.

However, the skin color of White Potato is light brown or tan, whereas Yukon has golden or yellow skin.

True to their names, white Potatoes have white flesh, whilst Yukon Gold has yellowish gold-like flesh.

In terms of flesh texture, Yukon Potatoes have a smooth, creamy texture. So, they are ideal for mashing, roasting Potato recipes.

Meanwhile, white Potatoes have a waxy texture and are perfect for steaming, grilling, and boiling.

Moreover, the Yukon Gold Potatoes are less starchier and smaller than white Potatoes.

Having that said, white Potato has a mild taste, but Yukon has a sweeter taste due to different types of starch content.

Now, here is a categorical White Potatoes vs Yukon Gold table.

FeatureWhite PotatoYukon Gold Potato
ShapeRoundRound or oval
SkinThin, smoothThin, waxy
FleshCreamySlightly yellow
Starch contentMediumLow-medium
UsesBoiling, frying, mashing, bakingRoasting, mashing, baking, soups and chowders
Storage3-5 weeks in a cool, dark place3-5 weeks in a cool, dark place

Editor’s Note

Soil Preparation Is The Key For Optimal Harvest!

While growing Potatoes, you must gradually hill the plant up by adding more soil on the base. By doing so, you can protect the harvest from sunlight and pests.

Lastly, after harvesting Potatoes, avoid eating the green ones that are exposed to sunlight.

All The Best!