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Valheim Fir Tree: Everything You Need To Know

Conquering Valheim requires completing many challenges, but the most important is to harvest the Valehem fir tree for resources.

In Valheim, fir trees found in Black Forest, Swamp, and Mountain biomes serve as valuable resources to craft weapons, armor, and tools, which help you advance through the game.

But have you wondered why some fir trees are small and others large?

Let us find out how to identify these fir trees and how you can harvest them to gain vital resources.

What is Valheim Fir Tree?

Valheim is a popular open-world survival game boasting of Vikings, Norse mythology, and many rewards.

One of these rewards lies in harvesting trees (beech, fir, pine, oak, etc.), which help gather enough wood to produce weapons and create buildings and smelting ore.

Harvest Valheim fir trees to gain enough resources to build weapons and other items.

Mainly, Valheim fir trees play a crucial role in providing wood, fir cones, feathers, resin, and seeds like the real fir trees.

  • You can craft the Draugr Bow, a powerful ranged weapon in the game to help kill enemies and bosses.
  • Resin recovered from fir trees helps build torches, fire arrows, and fermenters.
  • Planting seeds will help grow new fir trees for decoration and logs and branches to build projects.

However, you must own a stone axe to cut down (horizontally) fir trees for resources. Once it leaves a stump, use the alternate attack (vertical) to harvest stumps.

Moreover, you would encounter two variants of fir trees; the small variant only provides four woods from logs, while the large variant provides 20 woods + 2 woods from stumps.

Depending on the variant, you can gather many other resources.

Small VariantLarge Variant
Wood20 (logs)4 (logs)
Wood2 (stump)-
Fir cone11

How to Identify Valheim Fir Tree?

The Valheim fir tree is not very different from actual fir trees because they appear very similar.

The fir tree in Valheim with its dark brown trunk and long pointed branches with fir needles (leaves), whereas the fir tree in their coniferous habitat would look the same with grayish to dark trunk, pointed branches, and dense foliage.

Fir trees have branches that extend outward from the main trunk. These branches are covered with green needles, providing a lush appearance to the tree.

The Valheim fir tree (left) exactly resembles the real fir tree (right).

Similarly, the trees inside the game would grow in groves, similar to the fir tree growing in its natural habitat.

However, fir trees in real would only grow cones after a few years of planting and get about at least six feet tall. On the other hand, the Valheim fir tree will produce cones and resin nonetheless.

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Fir trees in Valheim have a classic evergreen tree appearance with their tall, conical shape and dense green foliage.

However, remember to search meadows for other tree types to collect enough wood variety.

Gathering enough resources will grant you many weapons, items, and passages to further the game.