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5+ Famous Trees That Look Like People

The world is a heavenly garden of unique plants and trees with identical characteristics, from one looking like scarecrows to the giants. 
There are several giant trees that look like people, including Angel Oak Trees, Baobab Trees, Jomon Sugi Trees, Dragon Blood Trees, Joshua Trees, Dancing Forest, and Banyan Trees. 

So, if you want to learn about the unique or giant trees from all over the world, let us drive you through this article!

7 Famous Trees That Look Like People

These trees do not have physiques like real-life humans with eyes, heads, and limbs. Instead, they initiate some parts of the human body. 

1. Angel Oak Tree

The Angel Oak Tree, also known as Quercus virginiana, is around 400-500 years old.

Found in Johns Island, South Carolina, this oak tree has a twisted trunk, providing it a humanlike appearance.

Angel Oak Tree
Angel Oak Tree has the park after the same name in South Carolina.

Besides, the tree has got 85 feet in height and stretches the roots to around 89 feet. With this massive size, Angel Oak Tree offers a canopy of 17000 square feet of shade.

2. Baobab Trees

In Africa, The Baobab Trees are called the “Trees of Life” and grow up to 98.4 feet in height and 36 feet in spread.

Moreover, their massive trunks and thick bark make the trees look like giant people. Baobabs date more than six thousand years during the construction of the great pyramids of Egypt.

These trees serve medical uses in traditional African medicine through leaves, bark, and seeds.

3. Jomon Sugi Tree

The Jomon Sugi Tree (Cryptomeria japonica) is one of the oldest trees in the world, with a lifespan of over 2600 years.

With that said, the tree is on Yakushima Island, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its trunk is twisted with branches spreading out like giant arms.

It has a height of 82 feet, and its trunk boasts of spreading up to 52.4 feet.

4. Dragon Blood Trees

Native to Socotra Island, Yemen, Dragon Blood Trees (Dracaena cinnabari) appear with thick, umbrella-shaped canopies of spiky leaves to offer the whole plant the giant umbrella look.

Dragon Blood Trees
Dragon Blood Trees take 8 -10 years to get 2 to 3 feet.

When we look closer, thick, red bark and branches look like they are reaching out the giant arms.

Besides, Dragon Blood Trees grow around 16.4 feet in height, with a trunk reaching up to 1.3 feet.

5. Joshua Trees

Native to the Mojave Desert in the United States, Joshua trees (Yucca brevifolia) grow more than 50 feet in height.

These trees boast thick, spiky leaves arranged at the ends of their branches, making them look like outstretched arms.

With a lifespan of 150 years, The Joshua Trees bloom clusters of white-green flowers on extended stalks at branch tips.

6. Dancing Forest

As the name suggests, The Dancing Forest grows a strange, curved shape that looks like trees are dancing similar to humans.

Moreover, the forest is a group of pine in Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia.

It is believed that people planted these trees, but the cause behind the growth or shape of the trees is unknown.

7. Banyan Trees

Native to India and Southeast Asia, Banyan trees (Ficus benghalensis) are famous for their extensive size and aerial roots.

Also, these trees begin their life as the epiphytic saplings growing on the other trees or on the rocks.

Banyan Tree
People also worship Banyan trees in Hinduism.

Overtimes, they develop aerial into the ground roots and forming additional trunks that fuse together and appear as giant people.

With a lifespan of thousands of years, the trees can grow 100 feet in height.

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There are several other trees that look like other things, including Tree-Rex, Owl Tree, Tree Butt, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Tree. 

These trees are shaped uniquely because of several reasons, such as natural forces and deformed shapes.