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Tree Without Bark Utah | What is it? [The Answer Will Shock You!]

Though the Utah Treasure Hunt ended, are you still wondering about the tree without bark hint? Well, you are not alone!

The line in the poem about an annual Hunt in Utah, “Hike to the tree that stands without bark.” suggests a monument instead of an actual or manmade tree with no barks.

Now, hunters have devised whole other new meanings for the metaphor. So, read on to unveil the true meaning behind the tree without bark.

What Is Tree Without Bark Utah?

To know what a tree without bark in Utah is, first, you need to know about the Utah Treasure Hunt.

On May 26th, with the grand prize of $25,000, Utah Treasure Hunt began. Organizers David Cline and John Maxim released the first clue as a poem on their website.

The fourth line of the poem recites, ‘Hike to the tree that stands without bark.” As it is a hint for the treasure hunt, the meaning is more figurative. Or you can say it is a metaphor.

So, instead of suggesting there actually is a tree without bark in Utah, it suggests something else that a barkless tree can represent.

annual hunt poem utah with barkless tree
Here is the poem for Annual Treasure Hunt in Utah.

Interestingly, some people have confused the hint ‘trees without bark’ with dogs. They are pondering whether they are not supposed to take dogs on the trail.

Unfortunately, that was not the case though the idea is pretty rational. Don’t you think?

Now, the actual meaning of ‘tree without bark Utah’ is a monument located on Ensign Peak (40.794417, -111.890755)  near downtown Salt Lake City in Utah.

For a month and a half time, hunters struggled to solve the treasure hunt. But 51 days later, an out-of-state visitor, Chelsea Gotta from Pella, Iowa, found the treasure.

She found the treasure chest full of $25,000 cash this Sunday morning in Mueller Park in Bountiful.

Do Tree Without Bark Exist in Utah?

No! An entirely barkless tree does not exist in nature. However, some trees may have very thin barks making them look barkless.

But it is unnatural for trees to exist without bark. Further, bark in some trees, like Eucalyptus, may fall off at one point.

Likewise, Paper birch trees have very thin, white barks that peel off in papery layers. So, it may look like barkless but are not really.

Similarly, physical harm, pests, and diseases can also cause damage to tree bark, resulting in loss of bark.

Also the extreme growing condition may also trigger the loss of bark in trees. So, although not exactly but you can find trees without bark in Utah.

Editor’s Note

Bark Is Crucial For Healthy Trees!

Tree bark is important to protect trees from winds, rains, pests, and diseases. Further, they also act as a heat trap to keep trees warm in the winter.

Though trees without bark may sound interesting, such trees are often vulnerable and prone to several issues.

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