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Tree Touching Shoulder: Is It Real or Fake?

You must have watched people showing off trees with timbers touching their heads on social media. But do trees behave actually like this?
Generally, the meaning of a tree touching the shoulder depends on people’s personal beliefs and experiences. However, it is found that plants can sense people’s talk through vibrations from soundwaves.
Read on to learn more about the tree challenge on TikTok.

What Is The Tree Challenge On TikTok?

The tree challenge is a trend on TikTok where people ask the tree to touch their shoulders.

Moreover, this challenge started in July 2022 and collected over 2.9 billion views.

A boy sitting under the tree
The TikTok videos regarding the plants touching the shoulders of humans are often edited.

You must find and stand before a tree to participate in this challenge.

Additionally, you can make a request to the tree saying, ‘Dear tree, if you can hear me, please touch my shoulder.’

Most of the people close their eyes or join their hands in front of trees to make their request.

However, videos show that the plants touch the person’s shoulder, even without wind.

But, there is no scientific evidence of the trees touching people’s shoulders.

Tree Touching Shoulder Meaning

The meaning of a tree touching the shoulder varies according to the person’s beliefs and experiences.

Some people believe that it is a symbol of good luck and protection. While others say that it is a way to communicate with them.

However, plants can sense the vibrations produced through sound waves and respond to them with growth patterns, root development, and gene expression.

But this immediate response of trees touching the shoulder is not understood scientifically.

What Do You Feel When You Touch A Tree?

Botanists, Arborists, and Foresters are not the only ones who can feel a ‘connecting energy’ by touching a tree.

Although the recent Tree Touching Shoulder TikTok may totally be false, there is a certain sense of calmness if you touch a tree with your bare hands.

Of course, the coarse texture of the tree bark can make some people quiver or hesitant, but there is something poetic about it.

But there can be certain hazards if you touch the wrong tree with your bare hands.

  1. If the bark is rough, you can get a splinter.
  2. If the tree contains a poisonous sap or resin, it may harm you.
  3. If the tree carries a spiritual or religious meaning, it may be comforting.
  4. If the tree is dry and you are in the midst of a lightning strike, you may get shock as it may conduct electricity.

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Before touching a tree, remember to take care of the prickly or poisonous vines wrapping around the trees.

Additionally, predatory wasps and bees sometimes nest in the tree barks, which you must be careful of as they pose a deadly stinger.

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