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Tesla Trees: A Tour To Fictional World

You might have heard of the Tesla car and its role in artificial intelligence, but hearing its name linked with trees might be intriguing to some.

Generally, the depiction of Tesla started way before Elon Musk Tesla Inc.

A science fiction novel, Hyperion Cantos, by the American author Dan Simmons in 1989, used the idea of Nikola Tesla to create a fictional character for the series with immense electric power known as Tesla Tree.

Scroll down to learn more about this interesting fictional plant with a fascinating element of a rich and imaginative world.

What Do You Mean By Tesla Trees?

An important plant of the Hyperion Cantos novel series biome is Tesla Trees which receives its fictional name from the famous inventor, Nicola Tesla.

Tesla Trees are unique dominating plants native to Hyperion’s Flame Forests. They have a tall trunk that ends in an onion bulb-like terminal crowned by leafy branches.

Here, the captivating character of Tesla Trees is their ability to store static charge in the bulb-like structure during specific weather.

The palm like tree with current surrounding it
The Tesla Tree current works on the principle of alternating current.

Later, these trees release powerful electric discharge in the form of bolts that leads to the burning of the nearby wildlife.

So you can say Tesla Trees is an antagonist for the entire Hyperion Cantos series. This led to the evolution of the plants that grew nearby the tree.

Also, the functionality of Tesla Trees matches the working of the electromagnetic field generator, now known as the Tesla coil. Thus, the name Tesla Trees.

However, do not confuse it with the world’s tallest known living tree, the Hyperion tree, a coast redwood.

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Additional Fact!

Warner Bros. and Bradley Cooper have decided to bring the Hyperion series to the big screen as an epic science fiction movie.

Also, Dan Simmons’s novel has received fame for being the most pivotal work in the history of science fiction. All thanks to the giant bulb-like bolt discharger.