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Robinhood Tree Fell: Who Cut The Sycamore Gap Tree Down?

After holding the ground of Northumberland National Park, England, for a remarkable 3 centuries, the journey of Sycamore Gap Tree met a despairing conclusion.

The Sycamore Gap Tree, a very old tree featured in the movie Robinhood: Prince of Thieves, fell down on September 29, 2023. Although police arrested a 16-year-old boy as a suspect, there is no evidence about the culprit or reason behind the crime.

Many people loved the movie, and the tree’s location also gained popularity as Robinhood and his men met there to plan robberies in that movie.

So, read this complete article to know recent updates on the crime and about Sycamore Gap Tree with its importance in detail.

Why is the Sycamore Gap, The Robinhood Tree, Important?

The Sycamore Gap tree is the best example of adaptation, as it survived wind, storm, rain, and every other challenge that came in its way.

This incredible tree was one of the oldest living trees in the world and had a valuable place in England’s heritage.

In 1991, this tree was featured in the movie Robinhood: Prince of Thieves. After that, the tree gained additional popularity with the new name, the Robinhood Tree.

Then, Northumberland National Park became one of the most visited locations and an important tourist destination.

Sycamore Gap Tree standing on the left and falling on the right.
After the demise, there are many rumors spreading about the Sycamore Gap Tree.

Moreover, the marvelous tree was a habitat of wildlife like snakes, birds, squirrels, etc., and bryophytes like mosses.

Furthermore, the Sycamore Gap, the Robinhood Tree, was a great reminder of England’s history. Many people’s hopes, emotions, and memories fell with this tree.

Demise of The Robinhood Tree: Did The Boy Really Do It?

On Thursday night, September 29, 2023, locals heard a huge sound of crash. To their surprise, the beloved tree was lying dead.

When the police arrived and investigated the area around the tree. There was no sign of breakage by natural disasters.

Instead, the cut in the lower trunk was clean, just like someone did it with a chainsaw. So, it was sure that the tree was destroyed rather than natural happenings.

There is a rumor that the police arrested a 16-year-old boy as a suspect. However, there is no evidence to prove it.

Even if the arrest is true, there is no relevant proof to justify that the boy really did this job.

Additionally, the purpose of that crime is unknown. People speculate that the boy intentionally did it out of personal revenge.

Some social media users also commented about punishments like planting thousands of trees out of sadness and anger.

However, it’s not good to believe any spreading rumors until you get the relevant information that really supports the claim.

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Sycamore Gap Tree: History

No one knows who planted this prestigious tree, but there is a hearsay that it stood up first in the 18th century. After the tree grew, people visited the place for dating, picnics, and other occasions.

The crowd increased after 1991 due to the movie. In 2016, it even won the England Tree Of The Year award. Woodland Trust nominated the tree and praised it for its beauty, adaptability, and historical significance.