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Roma Tomato Plant Spacing [Planting Guide]

Even when providing bright sunlight, well-draining soil, timely fertilizer application, and proper care, a congested plant spacing for Roma Tomato calls for smaller berries and inadequate growth.

Generally, Roma Tomato plant spacing is 2 to 3 feet apart in the ground and 1.5 to 2 feet in a raised bed with rows spaced at least 3 to 4 feet apart. You can also plant a tomato per 14-inch container with a 5-gallon volume.

Follow along to learn about planting and growing the versatile and flavorful Roma Tomato.

Why Keep Roma Tomato Plant Spacing?

Roma Tomato, or the Italian Plum Tomato, is a popular variety known for its distinct oblong shape and rich flavor.

These plants can reach as high as 0.9 to 1.2 meters in height, with berries measuring 2 to 3 inches.

Although determinate, they have a bushy growth habit, with a main stem that branches out into a lateral stem. And the foliage is typically dense and provides good coverage to protect the developing fruit, demanding sufficient space between each plant.

Further, maintaining proper distance saves your plant from several issues that can potentially affect the health and overall productivity of the plants. 

Overcrowded plant with few tomatoes.
Overcrowded plants have a direct impact on the yield of the plant.
  • Decreased competition for resources: When plants are too close together, they compete for sunlight, nutrients, and water. This can result in stunted growth, reduced yield, and other issues. 
  • Air circulation: Spacing between the Roma Tomato allows proper air circulation around each plant necessary to maintain the humidity. It reduces the risk of fungal diseases such as blight caused by high humidity. 
  • Pest control: By giving each plant enough space, you can reduce the likelihood of pest infestation from infected plants to healthy ones. Moreover, plant crowding creates a more favorable space for pests to thrive. 
  • Feasible harvest: With adequate space between the plants, you can easily reach and harvest the tomatoes without damaging the surrounding plants and unripe fruit on the vine.

Did you know that Roma Tomatoes are among the most used for making sauces, canning, and drying due to less seeds and fleshy core?

How Far Apart To Plant Roma Tomatoes?

The ideal place to grow your tomatoes would be in the garden or a raised bed. But not every home has a growing facility, especially for those living in an apartment or condominium. 

Luckily, container growing could be the solution when space keeps you from growing these fleshy plum tomatoes. 

Tomato seeds are started 6-8 weeks before the last expected spring frost in a germination tray, with a seed in each void. And after the seedling attains a height of 10-12 and a few sets of leaves, transplant them in well-draining soil so the plant has enough room to grow. 

Since tomatoes are susceptible to environmental changes, help them adjust to the new environment by hardening off 7-10 days before planting.

For that, place the seedling under the shade for 40-50 minutes daily until planted.

Now, as the seedling is ready, follow the plant spacing below for your Roma Tomato.

Planting SitePlant to Plant DistanceRow to Row Spacing
In-ground Planting24 to 36 inches (60 to 90 cm)36 to 48 inches (90 to 120 cm)
Raised Bed Planting18 to 24 inches (45 to 60 cm in a 4x8 raised bed3 to 4 feet (36 to 48 inches)
Container PlantingSingle plant in a 14 to 18 inched potN/a

The recommended spacing is general guidelines, and you can adjust them based on the specific conditions of your garden and the variety you choose.

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Pinch off the first set of tomato blossoms to encourage stronger roots and dense foliage. 

Also, prune the lateral stem below the first fruit cluster to redirect the energy toward the sizeable growth and enhanced quality of Roma Tomatoes.